PS I love you.
by jeannine Giordan comment



one claire day.

i’m sure by now you’ve probably seen the Ikea PS cabinet popping up in more than one friend’s house. and most likely, inconspicuously so. its simple design and clean lines enable it to drop-in just about anywhere in a seemingly effortless and practical way.

the PS cabinet’s simplicity lends itself to expression. it screams out for it. pair it with your favorite flea market treasures or class it up with a few family heirlooms. it’s the perfect platform for letting those experimentally creative juices flow! and you can change it up over time giving it a new personality and purpose. whatever job you give it, it will take on the task politely and without being intrusive.

an affordable, stylish, versatile and over-the-top functional piece of furniture. PS i really do love you.


The Red Jet and Design Sponge.


how now design.


heath and the blt boys and charlotte minty.


ikea spotting.


design sponge and epal.


door sixteen.


ikea spotting.

15 responses to “PS I love you.”

  1. Oh my goodness your blog is just delicious! I love to come here for inspiration and a visual pick me up when I can’t focus at work (probably too often :) Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us all!

  2. I secretly love Ikea. There truly is something for everyone there and at the right price. And your photos easily convey that Ikea can work in any setting. Or add tassels, like in your first photo, to spruce it up. Great photos!

  3. I had the tall grey one, but when my husband moved out he took it with him . :( I think one of the low ones in white would be great to replace it with.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to the PS cabinet! I love how sleek it is and I agree that it’s extremely versatile and can work with many different styles. I especially love that first photo – I have a thing for vintage mirrors. :)

  5. We’ve had ours (the white one) for about 4 years now, and love it. It’s one of our favorite pieces, it’s at home in absolutely any style. We’ve gone from 190 yr old Victorian apartments, modern homes, to an industrial loft with it. It’s perfect anywhere!

  6. Beautiful!!

    Bought my first PS cabinet in red almost 13 years ago as a shoe storage unit for my entry hallway and a second one in white just a few weeks ago for the living room. They’ve become already a real design classic. I love those cabinets so much!

    Though someone at my local Ikea told me that they will be discontinued. Same for the Stockholm collection btw… :-/

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