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vw camper via style me pretty.

spring must be on her way — there’s something in the air, and i have a travel bug in my bonnet. i just keep thinking about taking a long road trip, and stopping in small towns along the way, doing some great thrifting. or, i could take off for barcelona. or maybe even just have a staycation and start fixing up the yard for outdoor parties. regardless, these are my thoughts for a friday.

• i have always, always wanted a vw camper van. there’s something about driving one that is just the most fun — the extra large steering wheel is kind of ridiculously hysterical. i remember borrowing one from a friend to move once and driving it made me feel like i had my very own magic bus. i’ve been thinking about buying one. trading in the bug convertible and getting one of these babies, giving it a cute interior makeover and hitting the road less traveled. have you ever owned one? did you love it?


paint by numbers by amy gieske art + photography.

• vacation, take me away. i love this vintage paint by number taken by amy gieske art + photography. just looking at it makes me want to head off to a cabin in the woods. maybe kick back and create my own paint-by-number painting. this one’s just swell. i’d even love to see this huge, as a mural on one big wall. now that would be a project!


outdoor lights, via amour a la lumiere and camper hotel, barcelona via the weekend edition

• i love outdoor illumination. i had pretty globe lights like these in my last home, and it’s time to hang some in the new cottage, outside in the courtyard. pretty, right? they make dining al fresco so much more enchanting.

• i’m dying to go to barcelona. i had lunch with a friend yesterday and she was telling me all about the camper hotel in barcelona, spain. i need to go there. have you been? i love small and stylish designer hotels that are also easy on the pocketbook, and i hear the camper hotel is pretty affordable.


herb lester san francisco map.

• have map will travel. especially really cute maps. have you ever seen travel guides from london-based Herb Lester Associates? having the itch to get going somewhere, i’d love to “just pick a map, any map — and head there”! travel aficionados will love these maps, designed and illustrated by artists like Brent Couchman, Jim Datz, Telegramme and Jez Burrows and with quirky titles like “Brooklyn: 41 Reasons Why”, “How To Find Old LA” and “Austin On The Hoof”. they’ve even just released a san francisco map. yay!

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  1. I spent the first week of May in Barcelona last year — and LOVED it. We rented a very reasonable apartment in the Borne area. When I go back (and I will!) I would definitely rent an apartment again in that area ….but would try to find one with a terrace! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Email me for details if you et serious.

    • I second Jennifer’s recommendation! I also rented an apartment in the Born neighborhood. I was tempted by the Camper hotel (I’m a huge fan of Camper shoes and also love small, beautiful places to stay), but I didn’t like the Camper Hotel’s neighborhood.

  2. You need to jump in that bus and drive up here! Stay in Portland, then come to Seattle, then stay in a woodsy Pacific Northwest cabin. See you soon? xo

  3. My very first car was a VW bus. It wasn’t a camper, but owning a car with such character (that was also a conversation piece) was so much fun! I finally had to sell it because of reliability issues, but I miss it all the time! You should go for that dream. :)

  4. Kim, that bus is insane! Did some guys up north in Redding convert it? Victoria, supposedly there’s some dudes up in Redding who make custom VW buses. I’ve been coveting one for myself as well since I had a squareback in high school . Maybe if we order them together we’ll get a NorCal discount!

  5. I owned a VW camper between college and well… more college. I traveled all over the Pac Northwest with my friends, camping and generally being an idiot. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything- campfires, learning to fix parts of the car with duct tape, crossing our fingers at the bottom of every hill hoping we’d make it to the top. Now I want to buy another one and actually make it nice looking!

  6. Hi Victoria, I stumbled across your delightful blog and pretty much don’t miss a day checking in. I am so enjoying seeing the images of how you have made your new space a home. I have been living in my small 479 sq.ft. place for 3.5 years and it still feels like I checked into a hotel, (read impersonal). You are inspiring me!!!! Anyway, I thought you might appreciate my blog post from 6/2011. I did own a VW bus and in my time and place I’m pretty sure it was a requirement to take it on a long road trip, like across country.

  7. Oh! It’s like your speaking from my own heart. I have been dreaming of having an old school RV. One I can take out on long road trips & sleep in underneath the night skies. :)

  8. My first car was a 66 VW bus with no seats so it was used as a camper. I bought it back in the 70’s for 250.00. It had no heat, no gas gauge, a shelf under the dashboard and double doors on the side (before sliding doors). It was the coolest car-so much fun to drive-I so loved that car! If you have a chance to purchase one DO NOT pass it up. You will never regret it!

  9. Hello,
    I love Barcelona and have been a few times. The last couple of trips we stayed at the Casa Camper. I love it, although there are better value places to stay. If you can, I’d recommend one of the larger rooms (they call them suites). The normal rooms have a sitting room across the corridor from the bedroom and bathroom. The suites are at the end of the corridor on each floor sp the sitting room is off the bedroom.
    I like how the bedroom is cocooned in the middle – the bathroom is on one external wall (facing a wall of verdant plants) and the sitting room has large windows that open onto Carrer d’Elisabets. This means in the suites you hear nothing… fantastic if you need a good nights sleep after a fun day and night in Barcelona!
    There are so many places I’m sure you’d love but the food is worth the trip alone for me…

  10. My boyfriend and I owned one in the early 90’s when I was going to CCAC. It was Orange and Cream. The curtains were vintage and hand-sewn by the first owner and were a checker print. We loved it. My nephews loved it too, and we would drive them around when they were little and park at Coit Tower and just take in the scene and relax on the fold out bed or have a picnic! They are also fun to drive!

  11. There’s nothing like a really beautiful piece of art, be it a map, a painting, a picture, to make me want to travel! You have reignited my wanderlust, I’m afraid.

  12. I just received an invitation to a rehearsal dinner and it was a very dark blue card with simple white strings of globe lights – I loved it and I love that you mentioned them in this post! And reading about the VW Van and seeing that paint by numbers picture made me nostalgic for family camping trips to Yosemite when I was a kid. Except we weren’t in a VW van, unfortunately, we were in one of those giant 80s striped vans with ladder up the back. ;)

  13. Lucky you to live in such a wonderful place on earth :)! Last summer I was on a road trip on the PCH from SF to LA and it was just the most beautiful journey of my life so far :)…

  14. Victoria, I thought the paint-by number was a quilt at first. It is a great image, and would, I think make the translation nicely to textile art.

    I enjoy your site. Been peeking in for a couple of years, but you’ve never heard from me before! Thanks for all the beauty and fun.

  15. hi victoria! woops, originally posted this to the wrong post…
    1. also have a long love affair with the vw camper van. a guy in my neighborhood has the most beaut restored avocado green/white one, which just fuels my desire. looking for one that’s not a stickshift!
    2. barcelona yes yes yes yes. if you decide to go, let’s meet up so we can share info with you. we rented an apartment in the el born near mercat santa caterina, which was our local for breakfast every morning.


    • i might have to have a chat with that chap! i want a nicely restored one! :)

      and yes to barcelona. if i do start planning i would love your travel tips! xo

  16. Thank you for the post! I highly recommend VW campers and what they offer in terms of a getaway. My partner and I have been converting a 40 ft. school bus into a livable modern home. The idea of having a home that is both movable and stationary is really amazing and has been such an adventure!

    Here is a lil doc about our bus (more finishing touches have been put on the bus since this film, but just to give an idea…)


  17. Yes I know the feeling… I can’t wait to book a ticket somewhere… anywhere. I’m so glad to see Herb Lester featured. Their maps are awesome. We have them at them at Nannie Inez and everyone loves them.

  18. Came across your blog this weekend..totally enjoyed goin through your posts..especially ‘Thoughts for Friday’ . Thanks Victoria, u made my day!!

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