urban oasis.
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i received a sweet email this weekend from Christine Doobinin, head of decorative home at Urban Outfitters. christine’s charming home is featured on the urban outfitters blog, sharing all of her vintage collectables, and her oh-so-enviable portrait painting collection. Christine has been collecting, and taking inspiration from vintage style for over 25 years, and As the former home decor Buyer for Martha Stewart, and Senior Buyer for The Land of Nod, and now as head of decorative home for Urban Outfitters she’s also been lucky enough to use this inspiration for product development as well, and she tells me the urban outfitters home collection will be expanding soon. for a complete tour hop on over here.




• photos by Christopher Leaman.

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  1. hi victoria!
    1. also have a long love affair with the vw camper van. a guy in my neighborhood has the most beaut restored avocado green/white one, which just fuels my desire. looking for one that’s not a stickshift!
    2. barcelona yes yes yes yes. if you decide to go, let’s meet up so we can share info with you. we rented an apartment in the el born near mercat santa caterina, which was our local for breakfast every morning.


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