tuesday’s girl: ona bag giveaway.
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attention shutterbugs! i’ve got a lovely giveaway for you from ONA bags. With a focus on simplicity and some awesome style, ONA‘s soft leather Palma camera satchel embodies a more feminine look than your average camera bag, and with modern conveniences photographers need. i’m always tossing my extra lens into my bag (never a good idea) so their customizable, fully padded interior with room for a DSLR and up to two lenses is a way better option. The Palma also includes a convenient front pocket for stashing an iPad or Moleskine. and, lucky you — ONA is giving away one Palma camera satchel to one sfgirlbybay reader!


to enter to win the ONA palma camera satchel, simply:

sorry, entries are now closed. thanks for entering!

• hop on over to ONA‘s facebook page and “like” their page by tuesday, february 12th to enter to win.

• comment below letting us know you’ve liked their facebook page.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• we’ll announce a winner on my twitter account and on ONA‘s facebook page the week of february 12th, so be sure and follow us.

• sorry, but this time the giveaway applies to u.s. residents, only.

• giveaway sponsored by ONA bags.

416 responses to “tuesday’s girl: ona bag giveaway.”

  1. That is the loveliest camera bag! I tote around The ugliest black case Every day for my camera. This would be so much nicer.

  2. I’ve liked the ONA page! I keep seeing these bags around online and am really wishing for one. I need a different bag for my camera and the design of these is just perfect!

  3. I liked the Facebook page and I LOVE these camera bags. With a new baby on the way, I’m really hoping this will be a safe way for me to take my REAL camera with me more places, rather than leave it at home!

  4. I have been looking at these bags often lately, just not happy with what is out there to carry my DSLR in. It usually comes with me wrapped in a knit hat and in a bookbag :) I like them on facebook and would love to have one, they’re beautiful.

  5. Liked on FB! Love all of these bags, just got a new camera, but no camera bag..would love to own one of these gorgeous bags! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Really a beautiful (and practice) piece. Would be my motivation to grab my camera EVERY time I run out the door!
    Liked on Facebook

  7. This is the most gorgeous camera bag I have ever seen. Would love to get rid of my basic black bag for this. Liked them on fb! Thanks so much!

  8. This looks like my dream bag– though I confess to being something of a bag addict. It looks great for every day around town stuff. Glad to learn about Ona. Liked ’em on FB!

  9. Thank you ONA and Victoria! After two decades of looking like a thug with an ugly black & grey canvas camera bag, I’d welcome coming out of the dark ages with this ladylike camera bag. Crossing my fingers…

  10. Woo! Liked the Facebook page, and would love this. Getting ready to get my new blog up and running and could really use a fancy new camera bag!

  11. Liked it! This bag is amazing! I was just telling my boyfriend how I wish I had a more stylish camera bag – the majority of gear out there these days is most certainly durable, but not the most attractive. Love the vintage leather look of this piece! So cool.

  12. I just bought my first SLR camera and I am taking a photography class for the first time. I am loving this bag and liked their facebook page. I am obsessed with this bag! LOVE

  13. That is seriously the most gorgeous camera bag I’ve ever seen – mostly because it doesn’t look like a camera bag! Would love to win this as a replacement for my very practical but not so pretty Crumpler camera bag :)
    Page liked and fingers crossed!

  14. Ona Facebook page liked! I’m in desperate need of a new camera bag and have had my eye on an Ona bag for awhile. I’d definitely use this one everywhere I went to help make me look more professional on my photo shoots!

  15. Hi Victoria,
    What an amazing line of bags and an awesome giveaway! Just liked this on FB. I would so love to replace my superdorky camera backpack with this lovely lady treat!
    xoxo to you, V.!,

  16. I’ve been a huge fan of ONA for ages (including on FB) and even featured them on my holiday giveaway last year. As a photographer I feel like I’ve always been on the hunt for a “non-hideous” camera bag. I love the quality and versatility of ONA bags and how simply beautiful they are!

  17. Love all of Ona’s offerings and I’m glad they retweeted you so I could find this great site. My wife is my favourite person to go shoot with, and she’d look great carrying this.

  18. Wow – not only did I like their Facebook page, but I just spent a good 15 minutes looking at their bags. So gorgeous!

    Excited about this contest! Thank you! :)

    Twitter – @keeeam

  19. GORGEOUS! Just “liked” (loved) Ona’s Facebook. I just got my first camera, I would be the most stylish kid on the block with this bag

  20. This would be so perfect for my upcoming trip to Paris in May! I’ve been looking for a stylish/convenient/comfortable camera bag to bring with me. I just liked ONA on facebook!

  21. Wow. I’ve “Liked” them!

    Love that bag, and I could really use a new one. I’m new to the DSLR game, and slowly growing out of my current camera bag. This one is beautiful!

  22. gorgeous bag! i just ‘liked’ them on Facebook–wasn’t aware of the product before this–i’m excited to have a chance to own one!!!

  23. This bag is gorgeous. I Have liked the Facebook page. I’d love to win this bag, so I’m sorry to see all the entries BUT I’m very glad you are having the success you so richly deserve. BarbR7@gmail.com.

  24. what a fantastic giveaway! i just bought my first dslr camera a few months ago and it is in desperate need of a home. fingers crossed. also, i liked ona on facebook!

  25. What a beauty! I’d love to trade in my routine of wrapping my SLR in a beanie and stashing it in my purse for one of these! I’ve liked them on FB. Find me on twitter! @rachaelarreguin

  26. This is such an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for giving everyone the opportunity to enter this contest. I just liked the ONA page. Last year I purchased the Roma for my Nikon but it would be great to have a bag with a strap!

    I’m also on twitter @earnestlyemily


  27. I hope past likes count! I’ve liked FB page long ago because I love their concept and product. I have a Brooklyn satchel from them. This one is gorgeous, the color is so great.

    Ona is awesome for those days you want to carry a camera bag but don’t want to look like you’re carrying a camera bag :-)

  28. Besutiful!! Off on an African Safari soon and this would be prefect instead of my bulky pack! Liked on Facebook :)

    Whitney (www.wckphotography.com, twitter @wckphotography)

  29. I’d love to own one of these camera bags, has been on my wish list for a long time. Liked them on facebook, pick me please!

  30. wow! they have gorgeous bags! cant believe i had never heard of this company before!
    thanks for sharing….i liked their fb page & left a comment…love
    your page too! xx

  31. My gorgeous budding-photographer girlfriend needs one of these gorgeous bags! She got me an Ona for my birthday last year and I love it. Mine is obbbbviously more rugged and manly than the beauty you’re giving away here, but this bag pretty much looks like her to the letter. Liked on Facebook and commenting here on her behalf. Guess whilst here I’ll browse the blog she keeps talking my ear off about, though we are not San Franciscan and I’m not sure what bohemian means, beyond a Queen song. Thanks for the contest opportunity!
    Email: http://tinymailto.com/jwmeyer

  32. “Liked” the FB page! This bag is gorgeous! I’m obsessed!! I’ve really been in need of a new camera bag but I haven’t been able to afford one. Thanks for the chance to win, fingers crossed!! :)

  33. Ah i have been head over heels for this bag for some time now! it is quite possibly the loveliest DSLR camera bag on the planet and I would love to carry my canon in it on all my photography adventures! liked their fb page and my email is ali.burgoon@gmail.com.

  34. I LOVE this bag. Have pinned it and been drooling over it ever since. Beautiful! Liked your page on FB too; keep up the perfection in design!

  35. I have been lusting over this ridiculously gorgeous camera bag for months! I would love to get my hands on one. Definitely liked their Facebook page.

  36. Oh! I wish this was open to Canadian residents! My boyf. and I just got off the phone – and were talking about this bag & how her received his in the mail today! Even sent me a pic of it (he’s a professional photographer). Swooon.

  37. My husband got me a new Nikon for Christmas, my first DSLR. So really, this giveaway was made for me :D

    I’ve liked Ona on Facebook. Fingers crossed!

    jenwcisel at gmail,com

  38. Hi, just loved the Palma bag… it seems perfect for me.
    When I’m going out for a walk not specifically to photograph I usually take my camera with me but I carry it inside my normal bag which is not the best way to carry it…
    I read that this giveaway applies to u.s. residents, only, what a pitty… But I liked ONA on facebook anyway!
    Also, and just in case, I could pay for the delivery expenses ;)

  39. I love that bag. It is so much sleeker than the bulky black camera bag that I am carrying around. Thanks for introducing me to it! Love your blog – I found you through design sponge.

  40. Liked! I have been drooling over that beautiful bag for months! It would be perfect to carry around on my European trip in the fall! Thank you for the opportunity Victoria. Ive been a follower of your blog for years.

  41. love this bag!! I just got a new camera for my b-day, this would be such an awesome win! liked ONA on facebook
    Holly Chernoff
    hbbs55 at gmail dot com

  42. I liked you on Facebook for awhile now. Ona bags are amazing being a fashion photographer I could definitely use on to better my appearance on shoots and look like a pro. I’m young and struggling and can’t really afford one right now so this giveaway would be an amazing chance to receive a camera bag if my dreams.

  43. This bag is absolutely perfect! I just liked ONA on facebook. Camera bags never seem to have great aesthetics, and I always struggle to fit my camera in my odd shaped purses, plus I have to make the tough decision about which lens to bring since there is never enough room for my spare! I’d love to rock this around the city and on all my travels!


  44. Hi! I’ve like Ona on Facebook for a while now! I really want to win this camera bag for my cousin! She’s an AMAZING photographer and absolutely deserves this. She’s in need of a camera bag and is in love with the Palma bag but unfortunately can’t get it. I really hope I can win for; it would be an amazing surprise! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  45. thank you for introducing us to Ona.
    i liked their Facebook page and immediately lost myself in their product selections.
    the camera bag is a beautiful classic.
    – m.

    twitter: @thegogglette

  46. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t discovered fashionable camera bags until about a month ago. I think if I had an ONA bag, I would be even more excited to carry my camera everywhere I go! I followed via my Facebook page (Mackin’ Cheese)

  47. Just stumbled on your blog! Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win that BEAUTIFUL bag (I liked the ONA fb page)! Now I’m excited to go continue perusing your site!



    I would love to win the palma camera satchel! I plan on doing some traveling this year outside of the country with family and this would be a great way to sort my camera and all it’s accessories without just throwing things in a bag. The bag itself is so chic too!

  49. Liked their page! I would love this bag so much, I just moved to SF and feel like a total tourist carrying my camera around but this fashionable bag would be perfect and make me carry it everywhere!!

  50. It’d be so fantastic, if I win the bag!!!!! ! I die….. to have them. But there are so many that want them too. Nervous!! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me, please!!!

  51. Beautiful bag! A photo bag that is high in both form and function is so hard to find. Thanks!

    I liked their page as Laura Schneiderman.

  52. I’ve never seen anything so chic AND functional! Would absolutely make my day to have this bag.
    Also, I liked their Facebook page!
    Contact me: @ashleykaia

  53. I am a fan of Ona via Facebook as Jilll Myrick.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful giveaway.


  54. LOVE these stylish bags. such perfect form and function for shutterbugs. I like ONA on Facebook. And you can find me at [at]carrielynnegee on twitter. xo

  55. What a gorgeous giveaway on my fav gorgeous blog!! I will be going on my first ever trip to Europe next month with my first ever DSLR! Would love to sport this bag and I made sure to ‘like’ ONA on facebook as I would ‘like’ to win this fabulous camera bag. Thanks! <3 J

  56. LOVE the look of this bag. Beautiful and functional. I have been looking for something to carry around my DSLR in. Fingers crossed…

  57. liked!
    I love everything ONA stands for. This bag is the perfect combination of style and functionality. I bring my SLR with me everywhere, and always have a hard time finding room in my everyday bag for additional lenses and charger. I’d be thrilled to carry the Palma bag around with me on all of my adventures.
    email: treasa@inhauspress.com

  58. ‘Thumbs Up’ to this on Facebook!! I have always admired this bag!!! Would lov e to own one for the new camera I just got for Christmas that I am terrified to carry around because I have ALWAYS had bad camera luck!! **FINGERS CROSSED**

    p.s. love your blog!

  59. Love, love, LOVE this!!! I’ve been admiring ONA bags for quite some time, but haven’t been able to afford purchasing one. Hope my “like” will win me this beautiful bag :)

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