dear grace. or something like that.
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ever wonder what the heck to do with all this social media stuff? twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram — it’s daunting, right? well over on design*sponge today, grace has compiled a guide to modern etiquette, and it’s a good one. grace invited me (thank you!) along with Joy of Oh Joy!, Greg from Apartment Therapy, Lucy from The Design Files, Emily Henderson, Julie of Remodelista, Tina from Swiss Miss and Erin of Design for Mankind to gather our thoughts on the ins and outs of social media.

i know i’ve made a ton of mistakes and still do, and there’s no real right or wrong, but it’s an interesting read on the do’s and don’ts of social media that might help you gain insight into just what’s exactly right for you. the whole post is right here, so grab a cup of tea and have a good read over on design*sponge. have a question for me about social media? let me know and i’ll try and answer the best i can.

• Illustration by Anna Emilia via design*sponge.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this post! Even though I’ve been using social media for years now, so much of it is still mysterious to me. This really gives a good look at all angles. My fave: the pet peeves insight!


  2. Great tips on that post. And I totally agree with your tip about credit and sharing. I posted a bit of a rant last year on my blog about original content and sharing images and Pinterest and giving credit and somehow a number of readers turned it into an argument about copyright vs sharing. I do wish people could just stick to the point and not take things personally. I really despair at how much recycled and reposted stuff is floating about out there uncredited, when really just giving credit for images or work that is not your own is so totally simple.

  3. I love what you say about letting your personality show through your tweets! One of my favorite things about twitter is reading the quirky, funny, candid and often “off-topic” tweets of the people you follow mainly because of their work (such as bloggers, designers, musicians, etc.). It just feels more “real” and I always end up appreciating the person’s work more because of it.

    This was a great idea, definitely bookmarking it.

  4. Thanks for pointing me to this post. The one-third rule for twitter was great and I think will help with my intimidation on that medium. I do not mind when people tweet political feelings. In fact, I like it. It is part of everyday life and one’s passon for a cause fine to hear about even if I don’t agree. I use Instagram as a way to communicate with my daughters who are students away from home. When I see a photo of theirs in the feed, it feels like a nice letter has arrived. To me Pinterest is like looking at magazines and clipping things to put in a folder for reference. Pinterest keeps me awake during tedious conference calls.

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