oh, hello neighbor.
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freunde von freunden is based all the way in berlin, but it took them to introduce me to my very own neighbor here in our noe valley neighborhood of san francisco. this is the home of architect and interface designer nir stern just blocks from me. it’s funny, i walk lucy by these houses every day, and i’m constantly wishing i could see what’s inside them. i especially love walking at night when the lights are on and small glimpses show themselves through big picture windows. i’m such a voyeur – but not for people, just their splendid interiors! you can spy more of nir’s beautiful home designed by architect james hill, photographed by Hanh Nguyen Cooley and the whole wonderful interview by san francisco’s own Kelly Lynn Waters of halycon days right here on freunde von freunden.













• all photographs by Hanh Nguyen Cooley.

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  1. How beautiful! I often do the same thing as I walk my dog or am out exploring! I don’t want to spy on anyone, just see what they have done with their place.

    I think my favorite bit is that little corner in what looks like a hallway. The chair and its handsome, antlered friend.

  2. ok me too. have always done it. it always seems so cozy in other peoples houses at night. and a little like sitting in a dark theater as the curtains part, and the show begins…..love these clean spaces – so unlike mine!

  3. Glad to know that there are souls who share that same curiosity. Having a glimpse into the beautiful homes of our neighbors can be enlightening (though slightly voyeuristic!). This one is, no less, minimalistic yet pleasing :)

  4. Lovely blog, Victoria :) Ugh, can I just say I *hate the Pinterest addon? It doesn’t let me save photos (forces a person to use Pinterest?). Certainly puts a crimp in any blog workflow as well :(

    • hi john, thank you for the feedback. perhaps i will move it back down below the posts. in the meantime, if you click on the source link you can save photos from the original images.


    • sure thing! okay, here’s what i did: i removed the ‘fade’ from the images when you scroll over them. and i made the ‘pin it’ button less in your face – it’s b/w now. there’s also a pin it button at the bottom of each post’s permalink. as far as saving images, you can still take a screen grab – if you have a Mac, it’s command + shift + 4 all at the same time and you drag the crosshairs over the image. i hope that’s a compromise! :)

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