where in the world are we?
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there’s a new online class over on skillshare and i am all signed up! i love maps – adore them. ever since i was a little kid and my dad kept a stash of maps in the glovebox of our vw bug i’ve been fascinated with them. we’d take road trips and i loved to see where all the pretty little colored lines would take us. so when i saw that travel blogger and designer Anne Ditmeyer of Prêt à Voyager was teaching Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully, i signed up within a few nano seconds. No design experience required and It’s just a whopping $20 to hang out with us [virtually], be filled with inspiration + make a sweet map going anywhere you choose.


Prêt à Voyager.

the class is taught online and teaches both hand drawn and digital (Photoshop or Illustrator) map making. check out anne’s pinterest board for an idea of all the different kinds of maps we can make, and the many uses for them. i’m pretty excited to start sharing some here. the more, the merrier and it would be so cool to have all corners of the globe represented — i hope you’ll join me! and, it’s low stress because but once the class starts you’ll have access to the information even after it’s over. let’s hit the road…


masako kubo



from iceland with love, from griottes.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing class! I didn’t know of Skillshare before, so thank you! I am heading over to the site right now to find out more about this class.

  2. You really did sign up in a nano second, Victoria :) This is such a beautiful post + can’t wait to have you (and everyone else — we’re up to 19 countries represented) in class. Everyone’s energy + enthusiasm is so contagious. . . . If anyone has questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, or better yet tweet @pretavoyager…. See you in class!!!

  3. Just signed up for the class! Thanks Victoria for sharing this!
    I always wanted to know how to make my own maps, as I’m doing some city tour series on my blog! So excited to learn!

  4. How cute is our little island at the end, and in french! Krúttlegt! (e: Very, very cute).
    Best regards from Iceland :o)

  5. yes! totally taking this… love skillshare and can’t wait to dig into this one. hopefully this will motivate me to finally work on my buenos aires travel guide for my friends/fam/blog!

  6. Maps are my favorite subject, so I also jumped on this in a nano second! I can’t wait to simply be among amazing people, artists, designers, etc. to see all of our perspectives of maps & how we will each translate them in our own ways. Such a Great set-up for a class!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I just signed up. I’ve always wanted to try making maps, but never took the time to try. I am so excited about the class! And I’m really excited to learn about Skillshare!

    • Welcome, Ashley! Excited to have you in class. Skillshare is totally the perfect excuse to try new things or work on projects you’ve had in your head and need the extra kick to actually do! I took 1 and now I’m hooked + teaching :)

  8. SO neat! I missed this one but I am hoping there will be something similar in the future. I love maps, especially personalized ones. I have this awesome scratch-off world map to show where you have traveled.

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