artist in residence: kirra jamison.
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australian Artist Kirra Jamison’s home is in the current issue of Inside Out Magazine. not only am i smitten by her beautifully eclectic and colorful home, but her artwork as well. how could one stay sad in a room containing a painting by kirra? Kirra Jamison is a Melbourne artist known for her brightly coloured gouache and vinyl paintings that are influenced by textile design of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. they instantly reminded me of a more modern marimekko and ken done. kirra was also recently featured on where they create and in the design files open house — as if you haven’t had quite enough inspiration already. her talent abounds!








kirra’s work (above) was featured in the design files open house.


• Photography for Inside Out Magazine by Derek Swalwell with Styling by Mr Jason Grant. All other images and original artwork via Kirra Jamison.

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    • Me too! I’ve always wanted a swing in my living room and even purchased one but have to convince the other half to install it. wah wah wah….

  1. suddenly my humble abode isn’t looking so perky! i would like all of the artwork, those dining chairs, the swing & that branch laden with flowers (lilacs?) by the bed… oh, & the red barn door & her dress… that is all! thank you!

  2. I love Kirra’s home and sense of style, and am totally coveting a piece of her artwork after seeing her paintings in person at the Design Files Open House last year. They really are gorgeous!

  3. eclectic and colorful – what a nice house. just looking at the pictures makes happy! and her paintings are great, too. will find out more about her work RIGHT NOW!

  4. I would love to live in a home like that! Honestly, I feel awed and a little envious of artists because no matter how much I appreciate and love art, art like that does not feel the same way for me. I have always been awed at how an artist’s brain functions. Amazing how she could design such a home. It looks really homey and I love the paintings on the walls. If I could paint like that, then I no longer have to spend more time in art galleries.

  5. Love everything about it….. especially the dog! Reminds me of a cushion I saw recently…. silk-screened photo of a French bulldog with the caption, ” Le woof.”

  6. Love her energie! The colours displayed ambiance and art pieces create a happy sight! Much talent!

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