freudian brew.
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Freud is a small British design house currently debuting their coffee and tea ware collection in the U.S.A. Created in 1986 by the Freud family, Freud (still very much a family business) specializes in producing simple, modern, functional design products for the home. theirs is a super stylish stainless steel coffee and tea ware collection, available to lucky europeans since the mid 2000s, and their tea ball in particular has become something of an icon — it’s the coolest tea ball i’ve certainly ever seen. Freud has just launched stateside so those of us on this side of the pond can now proudly own their collection, too.


Freud on Shaftesbury Avenue and thier iconic tea ball.

Inspired by stories of his father’s inter-war life spent in the coffee houses of Central Europe, where coffee, beer, culture and conversation flowed hand in hand, David Freud founded Freud design and café-bars in 1986. With the aim of bringing the bustle and chatter of his father’s treasured Viennese hang-outs to London, his first venture was to create the first café-bar in England – Freud on Shaftesbury Avenue — as well as freud café oxford. and now they’ve introduced this beautiful new way to brew at home. included in freud’s collection are stovetop espresso makers, milk & sugar bowls, cafetiere and of course the iconic tea ball. i have a feeling this could be one of the best british invasions since the beatles.


freud’s stovetop espresso maker and freud café oxford.

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