girls night at the oscars.
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i grew up in los angeles, so i am a child of the oscars. we always watched the academy awards in my house — and to this day, i’m pretty sure i’ve never missed one. i’ve thrown a few oscar parties in my day, but i’ve never shared one here, so i thought it would be fun to host an oscar girls night, and make it all about desserts. oh dear, those poor actresses, starving themselves silly all week to squeeze into those slinky gowns, and we’re going to sit here and eat divinely decadent desserts and drink baileys cocktails. oh yes, here’s to drinking your dessert.


there will probably be some gentle mockery of the oscar outfits, too — you know how that goes. as much as i like seeing a beautiful gown, there’s that secret guilty pleasure when someone shows up looking like a glamour don’t and you and all your girlfriends have a go at them. twitter makes it even more fun to watch the oscars these days, too. it’s like one big critique — of the gowns, the hairdos, the speeches. and you get to root for your favorite nominees too. so, i whipped up some oscar-inspired treats and decor to celebrate the special night. i hope you like it! here’s to girls night at the oscars!


i found little oscars at the local party shop and topped the cupcakes with them. cute little gold guys!



white and milk chocolate dipped strawberries always make a pretty dessert and so easy to do. melt your chocolate slowly in the microwave stirring every 20 seconds or so. then dip away and leave strawberries to dry on a sheet of waxed paper.


i used my mismatched collection of vintage glasses for our cocktails, and added inexpensive gold doilies as coasters.


okay, this idea is a bit of a cheat, but i couldn’t resist. i bought a bag of freshly powdered donut holes and then skewered them with these sparkly gold sticks. kinda crazy, but pretty great finger food, right?


okay, here’s where we got a little nutty — we glammed things up a bit by wearing wigs. add a few balloons and some cocktails = good time!


mmmm, we mixed up some baileys Chocolatini. so freakin’ good! oh, and don’t forget to top them with pretty gold sprinkles.



how cute are these? i added miniature top hats to red velvet cupcakes!



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• all photos © victoria smith, sfgirlbybay.

24 responses to “girls night at the oscars.”

  1. that chocolatini looks fucking amazing! but girl, you gotta kern that script typeface tighter. the spaces in between the letters are ripping out my soul.

  2. Looks like you had a BALL (and possibly might have gained a few pounds in the process, but hey, who cares?)! Lucky you to live where the Oscars are shown on TV at a normal time – in Europe it’s the middle of the night, boo hoo!

    Cool party decor ideas though – will put them into practice the next chance I get! :)

  3. All of this is just too cute! So fun. Thanks for sharing these ideas…only question I have is, is it too early for Baileys and Coffee on this fine Monday Morning?? ;O)

  4. Who knew you could find so much Oscar related decorations? It looked like so much fun – wish I could have been there eating the cupcakes, drinking my Bailey’s chocolatini, posing in the photo booth.

  5. I hope that I can get these, I can’t find them anywhere else. I tried to google but I couldn’t find any the size that you have. They are all big. They are so cute and I am having that theme for my 50th next month.

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