the stylists: megan morton.
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Megan Morton is one of Australia’s most talented and successful interior stylists, creating uniquely eclectic, yet pared down, rooms that are never fussy and just so livable. her eye for the unusual as well as her excellent sense of restraint seems to create just the perfectly serene atmosphere — i could dawdle and daydream in any one of the rooms in her lovely home, featured in Vogue Living Australia, July/August 2012. have a look — i think you might like to linger, too. i’m going to pick up a copy of megan’s book, things i love pronto-like — there’s no time to waste when you admire someone’s style as much as i do hers.







• photography by anson smart for vogue living australia.

11 responses to “the stylists: megan morton.”

  1. I love her style! Megan is also so approachable and very generous with her time a talent for someone who seems so insanely busy. I hope to one day do her styling workshops. Mel

  2. Just LOVE! The pops of color, all floors are either dark or white, beautifully curated art and objects, a distinct vision…… I could go on and on and on……..

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