Craftsman and Wolves.
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san francisco has a new food obsession. it has an unusual name, craftsman and wolves — when i first heard the words uttered i thought perhaps it was some kind of cool hardware store. silly me. craftsman and wolves is a contemporary patisserie in the mission district brought to us by artistan chef william werner — they make pastries, cakes, confections, confitures, and some mighty delicious savory fare, too. i’m over the moon for their rebel within (see above lower right — the amazing egg inside a muffin!). local bay area photographer eva kolenko shared this video she recently filmed and edited — following chef william around from scouting his fresh farmer’s market finds to the kitchen where all the magic happens. i think you’ll be inspired by her beautiful little film, and by william.

follow craftsman and wolves on instagram and twitter for tasty sneak peeks at their lastest concoctions.

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  1. Eva is such a talent–so beautiful! I love seeing how other people make their art, is so inspiring. All the time, attention, and passion is truly inspiring.

  2. I finally just had the “rebel within” for the first time last week. SO amazing. I sure wish that video showed how they get the gosh darn egg inside the gosh darn muffin. It is a mystery to me…

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