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every new year i think i’m gonna get healthy. and then i get busy and all of my resolutions go floating out the window. when you’re super busy it’s difficult to take the time to cook healthy meals, so what i’m trying is replacing at least breakfast, and sometimes lunch with a healthy juice or smoothie recipe. i think it actually gives me a feeling of much more energy than a heavy breakfast. as someone who never eats breakfast, when i eat a traditional breakfast of any kind it puts me into a food coma and i just get sluggish. so juicing is the plan! i’m adding spinach and kale, apples, Cranberries — all foods that are among the top foods with proven health benefits. here’s a couple of the recipes i’ve been following, designed by erin gleeson of the the forest feast. beautiful, delicious and healthy!



• photos and recipes by erin gleeson of the the forest feast.

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  1. I just started juicing! I’m hooked. I really like carrot, kale, orange and apple blended together! I just made a post about my first juicing experience. Beets sure do add color!

    Love your blog.

  2. Oh my gosh! Erin’s blog is so beautiful! Thanks for linking her :)

    I am with you — i get caught up in so much work and it’s hard to stick to any resolution in the health dept. I love smoothies and juices and would definitely try to incorporate more of those in my daily routine.

  3. I tend to hop on and off the smoothie wagon and always feel better when drinking them. One thing I found that makes smoothies more creamy is to add a half of a frozen banana to what ever recipe I am creating. I look for overripe bananas at the store and as soon as I get them home I peel them, cut them in half, put them on a plate and in the freezer. Later in the day when they are frozen I pop them off the plate and put them in a zip lock baggie and put back in the freezer.

  4. My favorite smoothie is apple juice, spinach (or whatever greens you have kale, chard etc), a little grated carrot, cucumber. So good. Also I hate the cleanup involved with the juicer so I just use my emersion blender in a large cup. It’s a but more pulpy but you get all the nutrients.

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