home sweet, eclectic home.
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vtwonen stylists douglas & jones.

you know me (well, at least if you’ve been reading awhile), i like an eccentric eclectic look everytime. i don’t wanna see any of that cookie-cutter, ordered it from the latest catalog look. while, there’s nothing wrong at all with ordering from your favorite shops, just please promise me you’ll mix it up a little, okay? deal? deal. so many furniture and home accessory companies are getting more creative these days with their looks, and many are quite affordable. it’s just so much more interesting when you add something vintage, or unexpected and unique to the mix. a flea market find, a yard sale steal, or a family heirloom you’ve repurposed somehow for whole new look. here’s some eclectic homes i just love. i hope they inspire.


found treasures, via photographer seth smoot.


the exchange, amsterdam via elle interiƶrs se; and m willems.

elle decor se

Petra Bindel, via elle interiƶr se.


shauna and stephen from something’s hiding in here dining room, photographed by seth smoot.


mis-matched dining chairs from my scandinavian home.


span class=”caption”>jen turner’s home via remodelista.


an eclectic tea tin collection, camilla tang.


hilda grahnat’s charming living room.


an eclectic dining room, via studio 8940.

13 responses to “home sweet, eclectic home.”

  1. It is interesting you should mention the catalog look. Lately I have been feeling like the “the vintage” look is starting to feel as formulaic as the “ikea look” or the “pottery barn look”. Anyone else struggling with this? Three cheers for eclecticism and personality!

  2. Lovely all of them, love the simplicity and sense of self that they all have. Personality without clutter…so very cool

  3. I like the ‘vintage’ look too but I have a hard time pulling it off when I decorate my own space. I love getting inspiration from people that know just how to put key pieces together to make a statement.

  4. Hi, just started following your blog! I love the eclectic look and am trying to find some good second hand or vintage pieces for our new place, I love the second picture you have and we’re looking out for a similar box to use as a coffee table in our living room! Katie tenantchic.blogspot.com


  5. Inspire they did! Yesterday at work I was expressing my concern to an older mentor of mine… I was worried my style was too much of a smorgasbord of many different styles, thanks to my random assortment of thrift finds and other acquisitions. She told me it didn’t matter as long as I felt comfortable. These pictures and your commentary reinforce that… Thank you :)

  6. When I was younger I gravitated to cozy, cluttered womb-like spaces. Now that I am a senior citizen I love these open, spare light-flooded rooms. I suppose it’s all about breathing space and being able to see clearly. Bravo to you, Victoria, for embracing this wonderful aesthetic so early in life; and thank you for showing us all these beautiful examples. So inspiring………

  7. while i LOVE all of these images i am starting to yawn at all of the white, white, WHITE i see lately. maybe i’m a little jealous because my husband won’t let me paint my whole interior white, maybe i feel left out because of this fact, or maybe i miss an occasional green/yellow/pink wall

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