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daniel fischbaeck print via typo/graphic posters.

for a long time, i kept hearing ‘print is dead’ and i mourned that. i love print. for many years i was actually a print production manager, working in ad agencies producing print advertising for campaigns like these for levi’s 501’s and condé nast publications. it was fun, it was tactile and it was creative. i’d go on press checks all over the country and the smell of fresh ink running on those big old Heidelberg presses was a familiar and happy smell for me. but i don’t think print is dead at all and we got talking about this over lunch today — we see ink on paper making a comeback in lots of arenas — there are some wonderful new magazines in publication the last few years, and letterpress printing and typography in print is as mighty as ever. my thoughts for a friday are all about print. i thought i’d share. what are your favorite reads in print these days? what am i missing?


gather journal.

gather journal – it’s just so stunning. a bi-annual recipe-driven food magazine devoted not just to cooking and eating, but to what those acts inspire: the bringing of people together. You will find lushly imagined images from some of the country’s most esteemed food photographers and fun, insightful writing.

anthology magazine video short from their latest issue.

• have you subscribed to anthology? it’s definitely one of the lovelies bringing print back. gorgeous home tours, delicious entertaining and adventurous travel ideas with sublime styling and photography. you should watch this little video to get an idea of what i’m talking about. anthology is on my ‘must read every issue’ list.


uppercase magazine.

uppercase is where it’s at. a beautifully handcrafted magazine about all things design-related, printed on some really lovely paper. i write for uppercase on a regular basis, but i’m still unbiased — this magazine just shines. UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for the creative and curious: products that spark the imagination and inspire creativity. and every issue centers around a specific theme. you’ll love it.


kinfolk magazine.

• and then there’s kinfolk magazine. Kinfolk began publishing to respond to the gap on the newsstand, and caters to a growing readership of artists and food enthusiasts, focusing on simple ways to spend time together and live with intention. Each issue of Kinfolk combines essays, recipes, interviews, personal stories and practical tips and is a trusted resource inspiring meaningful activities — whether it be a new cooking skill, a road trip route, or camping guide, all photographed quite beautifully.


savior magazine.

• there’s a stylish new independent fashion magazine out too, called savior. i haven’t seen it in person yet, but from what i’ve seen online it looks quite beautiful. have you see an issue of savior yet?

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  1. I love the Sunday New York Times. The crafted layouts and sections engage me to read articles I might otherwise miss. The sheer serendipity of turning a page and finding an article or image that captures my interest. Journalism isn’t dead if I end up spending my Sunday mornings raptly reading about world events, political intrique, great innovations and simple pleasures like discovering a new novel i must read reviewed in the book section. The New York Times doesn’t pigeonhole your interests, it brings you the world on it’s crinkling, satisfying newsprint pages.

    • i was going to include the NYTimes magazine just because it’s always awe-inspiring. But I decided to keep this post on the ‘indie’ side. but it’s always a good read!

  2. Great post. I’m a huge fan of print. My first choice would be Uppercase. As soon as I can justify the cost, I will have a subscription. I love print and I hope we never lose our love for the tactile sensation of holding printed treasures in hand.

    There are some great mags out there: Fantastic Man: – they blur the line between blog & print quite nicely. The Gentle Woman: gorgeous photos. Code is good reading: Lastly, Kindling: a wonderful take on modern fatherhood.

  3. i’m a print designer and i definitely don’t think print is dead. i love (and i know people still love) having something tactile, something physical to hold in their hands. it may also be me speaking as a designer, but i absolutely love the feel of a good quality paper, especially a textured one!

  4. Thank you for sharing all these beauties. I’m always on the lookout for beautiful print publications. They are surely not dead. There’s life in the old dog yet ;)

  5. I live for getting print in the mail or at the bookstore. Though I don’t get it anymore, I love Lula, out of the UK. And most recently, Cereal… also a British pub. Sweet Paul is always a lovely read. So lucky to know that there is life after Domino ;)

  6. Thank you for the lovely and thoughtful post! I too (like other commenters) am a print designer and deeply appreciate the craft and time involved in the design and ultimately the printed, end result. I’m convinced after working a few years for non-for-profits that when the term “print is dead”, it revolves around the bottom line. I know there are more institutions that have to think twice before putting out a gorgeous editorial masterpiece. It’s most certainly a breath of fresh air to see these!

  7. I love Sunset. I grew up reading print magazines! It was so exciting to get my parents’ magazines in the mail. I used to read Architectural Digest, Town & Country, Newsweek, and even my grandpa’s Reader’s Digest! I went throught a travel magazine phase, and am still buying shelter and fashion mags. I was so inspired by magazines in my youth. Now I love Anthology and Kinfolk for the same reasons.

    xo green gable

  8. Hoorah and thank you for this post! I am a writer/editor and am starting a new print magazine. I worry about it being a bad bet all the time, but I hope what your forecast is correct! Hugs, Lisa

  9. I might have to subscribe to Anthology. I love anything print. Books, wallpaper, cards- but it’s the color that grabs my attention. The color of an image. That mushroom image in Gather is unreal. I feel like I’m going to fall into a pool of color. So subliminal.

  10. I love my local (Boston) Edible magazine – as a New England newbie, it makes me feel more connected to the local food scene. It’s a great read, from the paper to the photography to the stories.

  11. Print is definitely not dead! I will always be a supporter of art… paper being one of my favorites. Books, magazine, paintings, illustrations… all of it.

    I am not a fan of e-books or e-subscriptions. So print will always be dear to my heart! <3

    Kinfolk is definitely one of my favorites. As well as 16HOURS.

  12. I agree completely! I’ve always loved print and have been obsessed with reading magazines for as long as I can remember. Although digital allows us instant access to an image, for me it will NEVER be able to replace the enjoyment of flicking through a beautiful magazine, or skimming through a newspaper over brunch in the weekend.

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