life in instagrams.
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i’ve been following san francisco-based lifestyle and wedding photographer cindy loughridge around flickr for years — many years. because the first time i saw her work i was smitten. her lighting, the composition, the colors are all sublime. cindy can make the most ordinary, mundane subject matter look like something you just want to live in. her instagrams are no different. she takes these morning or breakfast still lifes (hashtagged #365daysofcoffee) and i instantly just want to be there, eating or drinking coffee with her. here’s a few of my favorites. you can follow cindy on instagram right here and you can find more on her 365 days of coffee tumblr. if she shoots this well with instagram, imagine what she can do with a real camera. ahhh, life in instagrams.









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  1. Those shots are amazing! I can not believe that she was able to capture them via her phone on Instagram. Her real camera work has to be utterly amazing.

  2. So amazing. It’s like taking a vacation in her photos. Her lighting and those wood plates! Thanks for sharing her images this morning.

  3. I started following her and her daughter Emma (emmatheyellow) a few weeks ago based on a comment a friend made about liking their photography. Both take such gorgeous shots, and are beautiful people themselves. Also, who else has a daughter with their own hashtag?? #planetolive

    So lovely.

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