quince, now and forever.
by victoria comment



every year, around early spring i start jonesing for my quince. not the fruit, the flowering Chaenomeles. i love these branches with the most perfect shade of coral pink you’ve ever laid your eyes on, so i go hunting for them at all my local flower shops. not many places carry them, because they’re large and kind of unruly branches and they’re dangerous! tiny thorns adorn these pretty blossom’s branches, but they don’t scare me! today, i was fortunate enough to be excused from jury duty early, and lucky me the san francisco flower mart is right around the corner. so i popped in to see if i might spy some of my precious quince and lo and behold, i scored all of these pretty branches — and for just $5!! i nearly bought every bunch. look how pretty they are, and then hurry out and get some of your own.


i put the tiny broken branches in a wee vase and placed them under a vintage cloche. also — before you put these in water, using pruning shears to breakup/split the bottoms of the branches so they’re sure to soak up water. they last about two weeks this way.




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  1. Isn’t it amazing how a little flower can add so much life to a space? They really pop against your soothing monochromatic decor. If anyone complains about your supposed lack of color, just tell them you do it for the flowers!

  2. Very lovely, those quince flowers! They seem Oriental, delicate, yet their colour is so in your face lovely! Thanks for sharing! I am now going to keep an eye out for them in Barcelona…

    Oh and I am in love with your vases, especially the wooden one – to die for!

  3. Beautiful but deadly (quince is the Bond girl of all blooming branches) I constantly poked my eyes when I used to design with quince in large hotel lobby arrangements. Quince , to me , means eye patches and pirate jokes : )

  4. The flowering quince growing outside my apartment has HUGE thorns. I’m talking 3″ long in some spots! I did manage to snip a few brances a couple weeks ago and not impale myself, but I think I’ll leave the rest. :) Quince trees have lovely smelling blooms and fruit. My grandmother had a couple in her small orchard and that fragrance will always remind me of her. <3

  5. I have wondered what these flowers were called! I would love to fill the empty space in my living room with a few branches. I haven’t been to the SF flower market yet, but did become quite the expert of the LA flower market before I moved here.

  6. In my neck of the woods (aka Arkansas) this shrub is called japonica and has been blooming for over a month. It is nearly over. My mom loves it because her parents planted it at her childhood home and it was always first to bloom in spring….. or really not quite spring. When we see it we know that spring is just around the corner. The forsythia on the west side of my house is just beginning to show a trace of yellow….. Yay!

  7. I to love this time of the year with the flowering quince. I was thrilled to see your post. Are they not the prettiest “woohoo” its me spring calling, around??? thank you V……. kisskissS

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