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Hello! I am over the moon with excitement to introduce myself, my name is Kristine Hageland of The Bare Room. I live on Vancouver Island and have personally been an avid reader of sfgirlbybay for quite some time now. I am looking forward to sharing my passion (borderline problematic obsession) for beautiful interiors with you.


Recently I came across Swedish photographer, Kristofer Johnsson and let me tell you…My jaw dropped in awe. Literally. Kristofer has an impeccable eye for interior images, he has created a genuine warmth and presence to his work as if he invites us into his lust worthy world of scandinavian design. Each space has my design eye scanning back and forth!


I love the selection of two low hung industrial light pendants over this dining area. They create a focal point for the room, allowing the white walls and kitchen cabinetry to fall seamlessly into the background.


Quick design query for you… Which would you prefer? Soft and clean minimal lines or layers of texture and beautiful eclectic woven rugs? I must admit I am constantly torn between the two styles.



This art layout grabs my attention in a heart beat! The collection of pieces arranged on a 45º angle.. Simple and Striking!



This particular home pulls on my heartstrings… The clever nook area with a custom built in seat has an afternoon book written all over it. I am drawn to the subtle soft grey tones as they lends beautifully to the walnut pieces and original wood floors. It has a raw organic combined with a minimal esthetic I just can’t turn away from.


‘Til next time!
Kris from The Bare Room.

• all photography by Kristofer Johnsson.

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  1. Great post! i have the same dilema constatnly torn between clean simplistic design and the more eclectic. Love the photos as well. Can’t wait for more.

  2. Welcome Kris….I hope to see you here again.I am constantly torn between the minimal look and the layered patterns of textiles. In my home controlled clutter is always a battle, I just love too many things.
    Shay aka Designer Junk Finder

  3. That 45° angle art wall! It’s the kind of thing you have to see first to understand what a brilliant idea it is. Never thought of it before!

  4. Great post! Loved every photo, and if I HAD to choose, I’d vote for the layered look. It means I don’t have to choose just one favorite piece :) Looking forward to more!

  5. “A raw organic combined with a minimal esthetic I just can’t turn away from.” <– Yes! These spaces are crisp, expressive, with a natural feel and a 'je ne sais quoi' kind of magic. Love!

  6. Love everything about your new blog ! Your words draw me in, paint a picture, make me feel and laugh right along with you – what an incredible gift you have ! Love the pics as I’m in the middle of reno-ing my whole house. While certain areas I lean to the uncluttered look of clean lines as in my bathroom, overall I’m a fan of the layered look as my obsession is all about textures. Look forward to reading more !

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