separated at birth.
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isabella rossellini + jennifer fisher’s home.

it’s been a little while since i’ve posted a separated at birth, so today i thought it was high time i got to it. they take me a while to put together so i gotta get in the groove to go on the hunt. a few neutrals and some dramatic black and white. i hope you enjoy the celebrity decor match-ups. which one would you wanna be?


Johan Sellén + Brigitte Bardot.


meryl streep + melanieliew.


the guardian U.K. + marilyn monroe.


jessica lange + anita calero.

12 responses to “separated at birth.”

  1. omg these are so good! You get better and better! So beautiful! These are proof positive God works in mysterious ways through images and how you find them and put them together! They make sense. Today I’m feeling Meryl’s room. That bit of sunlight in a cozy corner speaks volume’s. Perhaps it is the volume of her hair- I don’t know. But don’t these women all have perfect thick hair. Gorgeous.

  2. I love Isabella, but I’ll pick Jessica Lange, 20 years ago. ‘Cause then I’d get to hang out with Sam Shepard of 20 yrs. ago. ;)

    (I always love this series; thank for doing them.)

  3. OK, seriously, if this post got anymore glam-fab, I would explode with glee. Can I just say the Meryl’s look from TDWP is just one of my favorites of all times? And Isabella, Isabella, Isabella! Love the spaces and the faces.

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