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martha stewart’s DIY Precious Diamonds Family Tree.

you know me. i love all things photo-related. from high-tech apps like instagram and after light to a twin lens reflex — i am smitten. i actually learned to take photos in high school on a twin lens reflex, developing the film and making prints in the classroom darkroom. talk about old school. but i loved the smell of those chemicals and the magic of burning and dodging (more on that subject down the post). my thoughts for a friday share a few updates on an old classic. i don’t think photography will ever get old, do you?


designlovefest’s screen saver ‘dress your tech’.

designlovefest was recently kind enough to offer a free ipad wallpaper designed by the weaver house featuring a plethora of vintage cameras. so pretty, right? get that ipad dressed up pronto-like. she offers these wallpapers up on a regular basis — here’s some from the archives.


• oh no. uh-oh. another new time suck. but i love it nonetheless. photolettering is a new app from house industries that lets you add type to your photos. much like over which i also love, but with a bunch of their own cool house fonts. i’m already addicted. a few fonts are free, but some additional fonts for photolettering are 99¢. C’est la vie.


i love film, by hilda grahnat.

• you can send me anything hilda grahnat puts her very talented hands on. i love this woman’s photography so very much — her lighting, what is her trick? simply sublime. her collection of cameras and how she’s captured them is no different. this is just perfection.


dodge and burn’s ‘the Evolution TLR’ serigraph; and BROWNIE HAWKEYE print by Jenny Long.

• maybe you like to hang your love of photography — create your own little shrine! i like this quote from photographer dorothea lange featured on this brownie hawkeye print by jenny long on society6. i also quite like this very graphic screen print from dodge and burn ‘the Evolution TLR’. this Screen-printed print features fifteen meticulously drafted classic twin lens reflex cameras and it comes in silver and red, too. handsome, no?


pretty camera straps from bloom theory.

• now these, my shutterbug friends, are some pretty snappy camera straps. made by bloom theory straps, they come in an array of very attractive textiles. i’ve shared these before, but i think they deserve another shout out. feminine and fashionable — your neck in bloom.

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  1. My husband is a photographer and in college we spent a lot of time in the darkroom. He works for a newspaper and when they dismantled the darkroom it was a sad day. I used to love the smell of the chemicals-it was such a comforting smell. Sigh—

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