goodbye google reader. hello feedly.
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perhaps you heard the news. google reader’S RSS FEED is saying farewell to all of us as of july 1st. i know many of you follow along with sfgirlbybay and a bunch of other wonderful blogs through your google reader. well, i’m sorry to see them go, but i’ve got an alternative for you AND IT’S FREE — feedly. many thanks to erin at design for mankind for her recommendation. she said it was prettier and she is so right — these are sample images of my feed. it looks like a reader designed for this century, and for those of us who care about design aesthetics. just have a look. i’ve already switched from google reader, and it’s an easy process — here’s how. here’s to feedly! thank you for being there for us. i hope you’ll continue to follow along with sfgirlbybay on feedly.


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  1. Thanks for your help on knowing which service to use at the passing of Google Reader! I’m addicted to it and have been for years! But Feedly looks great also.

    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks for the heads up. I saw your tweet earlier and migrated everything to Feedly (late) last night! Thanks to Erin as weel :)

  3. I have been using bloglovin for some time now. I really like how my blog feed looks, helps me get a quick glimpse. I belive they don’t have an iPad app yet… :(

  4. I’ve also been using bloglovin and like it a lot. The look is clean, it’s easy to use and I don’t have to download stuff for it like with feedly.

  5. Spotted this today – it’s not finished yet but looking at the tour it looks like a good alternative for people who want something almost exactly the same as Google Reader. I’m definitely adding Feedly to my short-list – I’m looking forward to a change, I’m glad I have a little while left to choose though :)

    • YES! As soon as I heard the news about Google Reader, I immediately went hunting for something else and I’m so happy I found The Old Reader. Being used to Google Reader, Feedly was just too… condensed for my liking and (in my mind) works better as an app than as something to read on the computer. The Old Reader is set up exactly as Google Reader, but it looks better and so far, I’m liking it a lot!

  6. I’m totally loving Feedly except for one thing – I can’t quite figure out how to add a feed to it! From most blogs, the RSS offers a lot of options but I’ve not yet seen Feedly included among them. For now I’m adding it as Google Reader, which Feedly syncs automatically, but – once G-reader is finally gone, then what?

    Other than that, I’m actually happy about this change. Feedly is far prettier to look at, and I’ve been trying to reduce my dependence on Google ever since I switched from Android to iOS. It’s a step in the right direction for me.

    • I think the way you add a feed is to use the +Website option. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but give it a try.

  7. Does reading a blog through Feedly give the blog a page visit? Bloglovin does and I like that. If I’m reading my blogs through a reader I still want to give the blogger my page views in their stats. I really like bloglovin, it gives me a great summary, visual appeal, I can sort it into categories, either by topic or by ‘read everyday, read weekly, when time, etc.

  8. Well I’ve never used Google reader being a wordpress girl, I’ve always used Bloglovin’ to keep up to date. I’ve just installed this as Bloglovin’ doesn’t pull through 100% of blogs, but with this I’m already confused! *scratches head*

  9. Thanks for this! I panicked when I heard the news but I have now switched to Feedly. It was so easy and it is sooo much better than the Reader. Yay!

  10. I’m still looking for a feed reader that – doesn’t require software to be installed – works on the computer, not a phone app – and doesn’t limit the number of feeds…. So sad to see Google reader go!

  11. I quickly did my research after reading the news about Reader’s demise and agree that Feedly is the best alternative. I tried bloglovin but it doesn’t have an iPad app and that is a deal breaker for me. Feedly is a really beautiful aggregator and it has a super easy user interface.

  12. Thanks-was reading reader reviews & feedly was one I considered but it took your endorsement before I converted. Very glad I did.

  13. Hey check out NuffnangX. You can use it on your computer or as a free app on your phone. It has a similar layout to instagram so it pulls the first picture and a blurb about the blog post, and you can categories your blogs. You can even ‘heart’ blog post that you love and link it to your twitter or FB account to share it with your friends. :)

  14. I too have been searching for a new feed reader since purchasing an iPad. I have tried out a handful of apps (Feeddler, Feedly, NewsBlur and Mr. Reader – in that order).

    What I loved about Feedly was the auto-scroll through entire folders (instead of having to click “back” to select the next article / blog post or whatever).

    But the deal breaker for me is that you lose your entire history of tagged articles/posts etc. Feedly does not import your tags and does not save your previously tagged articles. Not only this, but you can only apply ONE tag per post. (HUH?).

    I settled on Mr. Reader and it works best for me. Auto scrolls through folders full of subscriptions without pesky back-and-forth clicks, imports all of my tags and tagged articles, very easy (multi-) tagging, has several themes etc… Mind you, this was the day before Google made it’s announcement and I’m unclear if Mr. Reader will have a clone of the Google Reader API like Feedly will or… ? :-/

    • thanks for all the insight into your research ann! i’m not a big RSS user and never have tagged anything, so this is good information to have. i will check out Mr. Reader, too.

      thanks very much!

  15. Tagging is the bombdigetty. When I’m finally ready to upholster that chair, I can click on my “upholstery” tag and/or the “diy” tag and voila: all the blog, web articles and forum posts appear together. What a time saver! The “gift idea” tag has come in so handy all throughout the year. “hostess” is a great tag for when I’m entertaining as is “place setting”.

    Such wonderful ideas from Making It Lovely and others who inspire. I wonder how I would ever put my finger on that helpful post about how to find wall studs if I couldn’t tag it (thank you, Nicole!).

    I also use the Reader for photography forums. it’s the quickest way to scan through forums and then tag a post with “darkroom technique” or “film” or “chemicals” or “alternative process”.

    I suppose I’m just a tagaholic (as well as an old school film shooter). :)

  16. Thank you for this! I happened to read your article in Google Reader of all things, so I got Feeder and I LOVE it. Not looking back. So pretty, I love the cards layout!

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  18. I made the switch to Feedly also but I’m still bummed that Google Reader is going away. I definitely love Feedly’s layout and appearance, but you can’t search through your saved posts (yet?), and also the iPad app crashes repeatedly (for me). So, I’m still not 100% sold, but it seems like they are continually making improvements, and I appreciate the easy transition.

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