meanwhile, back at the apartment.
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here’s a look at their latest spring inventory at the apartment. a while ago i posted about Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s brilliant concept store, the apartment — a flat in central copenhagen which was restored beautifully by tina seidenfaden busck and pernille hornhaver, who now use it not to live in, but to showcase their amazing inventory of uniquely beautiful and very often vintage home furnishings, rugs, lighting and eclectic accessories. The Apartment is also part of a tight network of the region’s most interesting art galleries allowing them to showcase and sell works by renowned, international artists, giving The Apartment an opportunity to not only display and sell one of a kind and vintage furnishings, but amazing artwork as well.







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  1. Just about the most perfect space ever! What a great concept for a shop. Love the chairs. For some reason, when I look at the entire space, I see pink martinis. Is it going to be that kind of week? Probably.

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