tuesday’s girl: paris street style.
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i was in anthropologie the other day, and i couldn’t help but pick up this cute little book, paris street style by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset. since i often spend entirely too much time blogging away in pajamas and cozy workout clothes, i sometimes literally forget how to dress. i mean, i know how to zip up my jeans, but my mind goes blank sometimes as to what to put on with them to look stylish and chic.


so when i saw paris street style and flipped through it, i knew it was the book for me. it’s full of great fashion inspiration without being overly fussy — a mix of timeless and trendy pieces in a way that appears effortless and a plethora of great basics like the french do so well — but with layers of great accessories, jackets, shoes and bags and often vintage-inspired — the stuff i consider the fun part of fashion. here’ a few of my favorite looks from paris street style.








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  1. The French just do it right everytime. Over the years they have achieved a reputation in the fashion world of having that “je ne said quoi” in regards to their style. Relaxed, cool, refined, simple, but pulled together so nicely without looking like they tried. They have this allure that it seems only they can achieve. The images you posted are lovely and quintessentially French.

    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. These pictures are awesome. I used to be so cool when I lived and shopped in Paris. Imagine me, looking so cool, with Elvis as a cute puppy roaming the streets in the 5th. Now off to change a poopy diaper……

    • Hahaha! Mary I had to laugh at your comment as these pictures bought back memories of the past and a stinky little butt took me back to the reality of the moment too.

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