thinking pink, again.
by victoria comment



covet garden.

so, i try to go all minimal and black and white, but then all of a sudden pink sneaks its way back into my life. a little dose of it here and there in a black and white color scheme really goes a long way in warming things up. so i’ve been looking at pink again. i see subtle splashes and great big cannonball kerplunks of pink! i think i’m more drawn to pink in small doses, but regardless pink –it’s all just so darn pretty.


the apartment copenhagen.


dustin aksland for dwell magazine.


getting the look from stylists: lynsey Fryers and marcus hay.


line klein.


home of danish designer marianne brandi, photographed by petra bindel.

13 responses to “thinking pink, again.”

  1. All of these photos are really pretty. The pink plays less of agirly role in each of these rooms which makes it tolerable. When it becomes so girly that it takes over the room its not good. I also think there are certain shades of pink that are really beautiful. A pretty dusty pink can go a long way in great decor.

    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. You have been on a pink kick this week, haven’t you? Even the waffle factory had touches of pink…. and the island in that kitchen was to die! Have a pretty pink weekend, sweetie.

  3. Totally hear you on this. Black and white is my fave but whenever I am looking for a pop of colour it always seems to be something pink, no matter how hard the tomboy in me tries to fight it haha! Adding a few splashes of fun to a clean palette is never a bad thing. Pretty pics.

  4. I completely understand! I love black and white but it is so difficult for me to not go back to pink. But I have come to the conclusion that pink really does look fantastic with a predominately black and white space.

  5. Hey girls!;) well my girlfriend is a designer, and she works in a furniture company. As she loves to read your blog, and look at your suggestions (once she saw this lamp at one post and made me look for one similar like for a week)… (but I didn’t succeed). So, she was in the design process of this soft goods collection…And it would be great if one day, she open your blog and find her work used as an inspiration for an environment.;) Hope you like it also, keep up the amazing work you do!!;)

  6. I LOVE pink…Its my all time fav. color:) It makes me happy everytime I see some pink delish things. Today I bought a light pink towel at IKEA..loved It:)

    I wish you a pinkilishious weekend dear:)

    LOVE maria

  7. I’ve always been ok with pink as long as it was a soft pink and stayed in the lingerie drawer. Lately I’ve really been drawn to the splashes of hot pink that I’ve been seeing in decor. And surprisingly I’m finding that just seeing this color has a strong effect on me, both soothing and invigorating at the same time. I saw the pink elephant up there and now I’m wanting to spray paint one that my MIL brought back from Africa;)

  8. I totally agree. I recently bought an amazing overdyed pink rug and I’m in love it. It’s the one thing in our apartment that says a big friendly ‘hello!’ when you walk in the door.

  9. Nothing wrong with shots of color, and if you’re drawn to it, why not? your home should be YOU in every sense :) I hope you’re resting up well Victoria, take care!

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