all hung up.
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i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i’ve got this funny little nook off my bedroom. i can’t figure out what it might have been in a former life. the walls have wainscoting and the ceilings are super tall — at least 13 feet or more. all i know if i can’t change the lightbulb without a really tall ladder. but i digress — i’ve been thinking of hanging a pole from long chains from the ceiling and displaying some of my favorite vintage fashion treasures. maybe some slips, a vintage faux leopard coat — pretty things like that. i love some of these display ideas for clothing. you don’t have to hide your favorite pieces away anymore. i think leaving them out leaves lots of room for inspiration when you haven’t a clue what to throw on your back. hang ’em up. just not in the closet.


johanna vintage.



allen company inc. studio.


covet garden.


dos family; mary kate steinmiller via the coveteur; elle interiƶr; and hanna skoog.




Riw Haveland’s Home in Norway, via decor8.


mary kate steinmiller via the coveteur.


marcus lawett photography.


petra bindel photography.


ikea wardrobe rack.

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  1. i feel like displaying my clothing would also make me more careful about my purchases. right now i am really working towards wearing more of a unified, cohesive look. open clothing displays would motivate me.

    • ooooh…I agree with Rachel. Sometimes I find I have bought something because I have forgotten that I own a similar piece. Often the realization that I own enough that I can forget/lose track of what I own is followed by feelings of shame or guilt at how much in-excess I live at times. Having my clothes out in the open would definitely (hopefully) make me more conscientious when I get the urge to go shopping and even browsing.

  2. That’s probably what it used to be used for, a kind of dressing/make up area, that would look lovely to have some nice clothes on display, and I agree it would make you think more about what to wear to see your nicest clothes on display!

  3. I love how these alternative closets make for playful bedroom decor… it makes me wish I had an unused nook in my bedroom to do this with! My favorite rack is the one that looks like a tree branch.

  4. I love this idea and have always wanted to do something like this! Not sure if my husband would mind this is our bedroom, but this would be perfect for girls’ room!

  5. All of these images completely put my bedroom to shame.
    I always have good intentions of making it look fabulous, but I never quite pull it off. The 2nd and 3rd image are my favourites. I love the idea of using clothing, wallpaper pieces as art work. I’m not sure my coat hung on the back of the door can count ; ) x

  6. What a fun blog post! I absolutely love the idea of hanging clothes on a tree branch. I have quite the collection of branches in my home just waiting for some unique use… thanks for the ideas! :)

  7. I’ve had all of my clothes on display in my bedroom/living room for a while and I was super happy to be able to put them in a closet again. Not only do you have to be super tidy which I’m not but you also get really bored of every piece of clothing you own because you see them constantly. I love the surprise of finding something in my closet that I totally forgot about.

  8. what a fun idea! I love this for small spaces too and I’m sure it helps make you organized if you’re having to look at it all the time!

  9. Love all these images – especially the Covet Garden one.

    Will you post photos when the nook near your bedroom is done?

    I ask because i have a funny little nook off my living room that has the same high ceilings as the nook you described… and I don’t know what to do with it. Would love to glean inspiration from you!

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