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the very inspiring folks over at the everygirl invited me to chat last week, and my goodness, i kinda had a lot to say! i think their site and the interviews they feature are quite lovely, so i was most honored to partake in their Q&A. san francisco-based photographer edyta szyszlo took some mighty pretty pictures of my place, too. for all my unsoliciated bits of wisdom about blogging, starting over late in life, the love-hate relationship with tooting your own horn (uh, like right now, ugh) and everything else under the blogging sun, pop on over to the everygirl. thanks so much for inviting me to blather on…




• all photos by edyta szyszlo for the the everygirl.

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    Just want to say here that I’m glad you are sharing this interview with us. You are an inspiration. I find your blog to be one of a kind and I really admire the work you do. Your eye is exquisite and I can see all your experience in all of your posts. I do enjoy some of the younger bloggers out there and there is a lot of talent, but your work exudes more depth and thought. Have a great day!

    • I have the exact same sentiments as Giulia. You are huge inspiration to me, and your thought and style is so unique. It is very refreshing to see something different. Professionally, you are an incredible inspiration to me. Thank you for doing the interview with the Everygirl, and sharing your ideas on your blog.

      Lindsay @ The Garden Apt. (

  2. I read the interview couple days ago. Very smart. But I have to say, I really love your apartment. First time i saw it it was on the Rue Magazine. Love at first sight. You have done a great job. Every time I stuck with my inspiration, I “spy” into your space and voila, inspiration is back.
    Have a great day!

  3. I love Edyta! and her photos of your place are gorgeous. I’ve got a project coming up with her next year, relating to a beloved type of plant, that i think you will dig. more anon.


  4. The interview is so worthy of reading several times over and posting on one’s bathroom mirror. It is so refreshing to read a success story rooted in an honest and straight forward approach …. Your unpretentious messages resonate… “To be honest” or “I had no clue” or “Speak from your heart” and “Just be yourself” and “Sometimes I’m turning down a lot of money—but I know in the long run it’s for the best.” Most of all, your gratitude for where you are and who helped you along the way is refreshing and comes through in your interview. Yvonne :)

  5. I love your place, so fantastic…I am painting the interior of my ranch and would love to know which white paint you used. I live in sunny az and have planted cork floors so I think your white paint would be awesome.
    Thank you in advance

  6. what a great interview, a reminder that you can do amazing things at any time in your life. i love that your initial goal was just to get on apartment therapy. look where that took you.

  7. Love your style! That wire chair in your living room is perfection! I really enjoyed reading the interview done with The Everygirl. It is always encouraging to hear how someone successful got there start. Im am taking on a career change at the moment and it feels daunting at times, but i know its all I want to do! I am also taking Holly Becker’s e-course and loved the interview you did there as well! Really appreciate the sincerity that came through in your words.

  8. I read your interview on the Everygirl and I just loved it!
    So inspiring, how you began blogging, your home, your style …
    You’re a great lady, stylish and you look so young, I really wish I could be like you when I’m 53 years old!!!!!!!!

  9. I’ve been following your blog daily for quite a while. Your great interview finally got me to comment. Your style – love, your honesty – love. At 57, and a long-time art director/designer, I can relate and appreciate how fresh you keep things!

    And the clincher – Zuni is your favorite restaurant. I was just there (from Nashville) to celebrate my friend’s 60th birthday. Had a great meal, then on to Martuni’s until the wee hours.

    Keep on rockin in the real world!

  10. you are too cool. am your #1 fan in jakarta. if and when you plan to come to asia, please include indonesia in your itinerary. your works and energy will inspire millions here:)

  11. I loved reading this interview today. Your blog has become a firm favorite of mine – it’s the first one i turn to every day and it feeds me in just the right way. Thank you ! So inspiring too to see that following your heart and instincts led you to be doing what you are … there’s hope out there. x

  12. You are such an inspiration. Your blog is gorgeous, but I also love the genuine voice and authenticity you bring to it. A joy to read.

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