black & white world.
by victoria comment



styling by marcus hay.

for all of us who adore a good black and white color scheme (if you can call it color) pay careful attention to this particular post — soak it all in. because what’s coming up in the next post today, well…it’s anything but black and white. you’ll see soon enough! but in the meantime, i do love these rooms i’ve been collecting to share with you. uncluttered, sophisticated and yet very eclectic, vintage-inspired style that black and white just does so well.


love this styling with the letter ‘m’ via marcus hay; an organized, good-looking desk space via seth smoot; and another featuring the Bronze Signal Desk Lamp, made exclusively for HORNE + Remodelista by Jielde.


beautiful styling and photography by nicole franzen.


tara hurst’s CREATIVE Q & A with AMY TREMPER, FOUNDER OF STITCH & HAMMER, gave us a peek at this print in her home by serena mitnik-miller for mollusk surf shop. love her print!


Abigail Edwards’s whimsical and wonderful Owls of the British Isles Wallpaper.


This is great vintage industrial bar cart in the home of Vosges Paris and i love the long narrow work table below, too — as seen in the Decorate Workshop book, photographed by Debi Treloar.



kim from desire to inspire has a enviable collection of black & white pottery in her kitchen.


wonderful little black & white backsplash tiles, via light locations.


hviíur lakkrís’ living room inspiration wall.

18 responses to “black & white world.”

  1. Gorgeous! There’s just something beautiful in the simplicity of black and white, especially when paired with texture like these have been. No matter how much I love color, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of black and white.

  2. Okay, so I’ve admitted that you have been winning me over to the black and white thing….. but the rooms you show all have wood tones, or shots of metallic, or plants and flowers, or touches of an accent color. I saw a layout in a magazine the other day of a garage turned sun porch that was all black, white and grey. I mean ALL! No wood, no metallic, no plants, no color at all. They had the nerve to call it welcoming! Yeah! Like a jail cell……. and BORING! Even the art was black and white! Praise God that when you say black and white you don’t mean it literally. It was the worst room I have ever seen. So glad you got the rugs!

  3. I ABSOLUTELY love black and white interiors! I’m a designer in LA and they tend to like a little color here, so I always am drawn to the unique crisp look of black and white. Maybe because I don’t come across many projects with this crisp palette. I specialize in nursery design and children’s rooms and the owl wallpaper is so amazing. I did a black and white nursery design as well that has always been a favorite of mine too.

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