everyone loves a runway party: a giveaway.
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my friend flora is working on a personal project very close to her heart, called UNITE SF — their mission being to bring together the design/fashion and tech/entrepreneurial communities in San Francisco in a never been done before fashion show at the beautiful Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. there is an overlooked rich community of “makers” here in san francisco, fashion designers and artisans that deserve to be celebrated and supported. that’s where you come in.

flora and i are purchasing and donating two VIP tickets to give away, so that one lucky sfgirlbybay reader can attend the runway show and cocktail parties before and after, and bring along a best friend.


UNITE SF has been busy planning what they hopes to be a beautiful and unique UNITE SF event, with all proceeds giving back to an amazing cause, The Lunchbox Fund which helps feed underprivileged children in Africa — a healthy lunch meal to support their health and scholastic needs. The fashion show is going feature four local San Francisco designers ready to wear lines, with a cocktail party before and after the show, and a strong celebrity following in attendance — with Liv Tyler, Piper Perabo, Balthazar Getty and Raine Phoenix are supporters and one of them will be hosting the event. if you’re interested in purchasing tickets (just in case) you can find more information here.

to enter to win the pair of tickets to the UNITE SF show, simply:

• comment below and let us know why you think you and your friend should attend the runway show. winners will be chosen at random, but i’d love to hear about your interest in the show.

• comment here by friday, april 12th at midnight PST.

• sorry, this time the giveaway is for readers who can attend the april 24th event in san francisco — please don’t enter unless you definitely can attend.

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce a random winner of the pair of tickets on monday, april 15th on my twitter account, so be sure to follow along.

22 responses to “everyone loves a runway party: a giveaway.”

  1. This would be amazing, a dream come true for me!! I was just saying to my husband last night how I would love to drive up to San Francisco and can’t believe we haven’t since we have lived here. This would be awesome if I won as I love fashion and San Francisco and would love a reason to take a mini trip. We have been so busy with work that never find the time. I would love to win the tickets!!

  2. oh, gosh. this sounds delightful. why would i want to attend? it’s hard to imagine a reason why not! art, fashion, design, conservatory of flowers, and all those years i spent working in nonprofits fundraising for good causes. this seems to mesh it all together so beautifully. oh, and i live in oakland, so i’m already a local.

  3. How fun, and what a fabulous cause! Also love the Conservatory of Flowers space. And those are only a FEW of the reasons to attend! :-)

  4. I would LOVE to win this! I’m working on a new ethical fashion brand, and I’m always looking to get to know others in San Francisco in fashion/design/retail. This would be a dream!

  5. The story: two Bay Area girls met in high school, ran away to the far off lands of Alabama and Los Angeles. They found themselves reunited post-grad in the best city in the world, where they are great appreciators of food, wine, cats and coffee, and both aspirational clothes hoarders. Their apartment is filled appropriately for a journalist and food and wine PR professional – but is lacking in local haute couture. This roommate pair has been dying for the chance to see the world of SF fashion firsthand!

  6. This is so exciting! I’m still adapting and learning about the SF creative community. Would love to attend and bring along my husband (he won’t mind he’s a formal model!) I miss getting to participate on the creative community. At my alma mater, I helped produce a huge fashion show to benefit local non profits and miss that environment!

  7. I would be over the moon if I were able to attend this event! I would bring along my best friend and boyfriend, who’s watched (and equally enjoyed) Project Runway marathons with me into the wee hours of the night. We fell in love in Seattle and moved to San Francisco last May, which means this amazing show would fall just before our 1 year anniversary of living in this beautiful new city. What could be a better way to celebrate? As a human rights major I also stand behind the necessary cause this event supports, and as an SF resident I support the local designers and would absolutely adore seeing their work on the runway. @alainabubayna

  8. A first annual of any event in San Francisco is reason enough on any given day, but when it involves fashion feeding children, say no more… an unstoppable capacity for consciously making sense of things. Count me in! Thank you, Victoria :)

  9. Charity, local fashion, AND parties?!?! What better reasons to play dress up and spend a night out on the town. I’d LOVE the chance to get an insider’s peek at SF’s budding fashion scene. A much need pop of color in the midst of the usual black & white work week for sure! @jmaicaroxanne

  10. I would love to attend this show with my 8-year-old daughter. She spends all her free time holed up in her room drawing & creating all kinds of amazing outfits. She is in love with fashion in a way I don’t always understand, but I know she would be thrilled to attend a fashion show like this – not to mention I might enjoy myself immensely as well :) If anything I want to show her that other people are doing the exact thing she loves so much. Their dreams are coming true through events like this and hers can too someday. Thank you for this opportunity, it sounds amazing!! xo

  11. fashion for good?! sign me up! would love to invite a friend to something more meaningful than just drinks after work!

  12. Wow! I used to work in the fashion industry in NYC, and moved to beautiful SF when I was 37 weeks pregnant. Now I’m a full-time mom (which I love), but needless to say I haven’t had a chance to experience the creative community here. This would be a great opportunity. I’m also starting my own organic baby line inspired by my daughter, Milla.

  13. I would love to find and meet more handmakers and creatives in the SF area. As an advocate for the handmade community, I think this amalgam is great. Tech and fashion for a cause can only be good! I’m due for a SF getaway and this would be the perfect excuse!

  14. Wow! This is definitely not your normal Girls Night Out shindig! Would love to experience a major fashion event at least once in my lifetime! I can only imagine the creative sartorial inspiration oozing from such an event. Good fashion, good cause, good creative eye candy – sounds like a triple win to me!


  15. Well, I was going to say how much I would love to attend this event with my friend, and how much I love the Conservatory of Flowers…but then I read Jessica’s comment above. I think she and her daughter should go!! ;-)

  16. I would absolutely love to attend a fashion show in the beautiful city of San Francisco! It encompasses three of my favorite things: fashion, charity and SF! It would be an amazing opportunity to experience my first fashion show.

  17. I would love to attend with my roommate! We just moved into an apartment in the city and have been writing a bucket list of cool things to do in the city. A fashion show would definitely be a night to remember!

    Twitter: @eflandro

  18. Having lived in the Bay Area for the past 6 years, I can truly seen the Fashion scene grow and change. I would love to attend this event because even though I’m not in fashion industry, fashion has a great influence in my work as design consultant for the tech industry. I’d love to see how this city shines with the marriage of tech and fashion! Thanks for offering these two tickets, Victoria!

  19. I love anything creative and anything related to SF. This event sounds like such a unique way to see all the creative sides of San Francisco at one of the most gorgeous venues in the city!

  20. I will be on a ladies get away trip to SF ( coming from Calgary, ALberta, Canada)…..arriving on this date! What a great way to start off the week-end!! Sounds like a great event!

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