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ah, spring is in the air, and this gorgeous entry way in a japanese home is definitely airy! and just to make it especially springy, there’s even a little bird perched permanently on the gorgeous exposed beams. he inspired me to do this:


yep, you guessed it – this is the ‘put a bird on it’ edition of art goes here! ready?


oh the fabulous collage work of spanish artist francisca pageo – these will give that lonely bird some much-needed company. i would love to hang one small collage just above that chair. perfection!

hm, or perhaps three of these:


huge flocks of starlings in flight, connected by geometric, neon lines – ah yes, the mesmerizing work of american artist catherine ulitsky would be perfect in here, for a whole bunch of reasons: those geometric lines would work beautifully with the angles in the house, the neon would add an amazing pop of color, the wide-open skies compliment all of the lovely white space, and the huge flock of starlings – well, yes, they’d be terrific play mates for my little friend on the beam.

and now, a bit of paint – and yes, more birds:


crows. gold. girls. i love it all! this is the work of montreal based artist dominique fortin. most of her work is quite large, and i think a couple of birds on a wire, or one bird, a girl, and her colorful pennants would be oh so fantastic in this entry way.

there. i did it. i put a bird on it. three times! see you in two weeks for a bird free post (maybe!) ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)


  1. Oh my, beautiful! I personally love the art of the birds in flight. The geometric, neon lines set against the sky art would compliment the airy & light filled space.. :)

  2. I absolutely love birds for decor! I’m in the process of collecting small pieces that are very unique. I’m crazy about Dominique Fortin’s pieces.

  3. Hi Danielle! And Victoria!

    Love the post and so so helpful the way you put the box(es) on the wall. It really makes it easy to visualize the art there, the scale and impact. And of course, the pieces you curated are masterful as always. I’m an avid follower of you both, perfection!

    I love it, thank you thank you!

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