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jean baptiste sinniger.

i grew up in southern california. so i am a beach girl at heart, growing up with a love for surf culture. there’s a certain hue to real beach culture and i think of it like the silvery sage that grows in the soft sand dunes, and the color of the sky reflecting on those aqua waves. it’s kind of muted the beach i have in mind. it’s calm and warm and a little bit balmy. my dad dragged us to santa monica beach every weekend, and i only say dragged because it could on occasion, be freezing cold (as cold as a california day can get). he would still pack the exact same lunch (including his two requisite budweisers), load us into our vw bug and drive through topanga canyon to arrive at what could turn out to be a very damp and foggy beach day. too cold to swim, my brother and i would build sand castles while my mother wrapped in beach towels did crossword puzzles and, i imagine, pushed away thoughts of drowning my dad in the surf for inflicting on us yet again, one more day of chilly beach going. good times. they really were. my thoughts for a friday veer in this direction.


• who doesn’t secretly want a vespa? they’re something so romantic about a vespa — the wind in your hair, buzzing down pacific coast highway without a particular destination in mind, you’re just out tooling around without a care in the world. i dated a guy with a vespa once. the vespa part was great.


• the east coast has a beach culture too. though, i’m not sure that always comes to mind when people in the west think of beach going. but i love east coast beaches (don’t get me started on martha’s vineyard). todd selby photographed rockaway taco in queens for his book the edible selby and it is high on my list of adventures the next time i find myself in new york. for me, tacos and beach culture go hand and hand and this may be a long way to go for a taco (when i live near the mission) but i’m headed there one day soon.


• san francisco does have a strong surf culture even though it’s a chilly place to surf. it’s kind of secret and kept tucked away in the outer sunset district. that’s where mollusk surf shop is, where they sell new and used surfboards, hoodies for chilly days and sunglasses and flip flops for brighter ones. they also sell art of the surf culture. prints, photographs and great film posters like these that for some reason make me very nostalgic for my days growing up at the beach.


• did you know that cowboys surfed? they do in venice beach. surfing cowboys is a southern california shop that specializes in mid-century modern home furnishings, accessories and an enviable collection of surfing memorablia. just think of the surf shack possibilities.


• have you ever had a clam bake? me neither. i think that my life must be truly lacking something, that i have not yet indulged in this obvious pleasure of the beach dining kind. i’m putting this on the life list right now. i think this, again, is an east coast beachside tradition and we west coasters are missing the boat. so to speak. clam bake coming soon.

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  1. A lovely Friday post. Rockaway Taco is fantastic. The food is delicious. I go to the boardwalk outpost. I don’t know if it will be open this summer because of the hurricane damage. Let’s hope so.

  2. Love this post. Truth is, every beach, no matter the coast (or island) has its own feel. I love Stinson almost as much as I love the beaches in Cape Cod. I used to spend late summer in the Cape, right after the tourist season ended, and that place could lull you to peace in a heartbeat.

    As for the Vespa, they are all over the Big Island and I want one so bad it’s killing me :) Happy weekend to you Victoria!

  3. I love everything about this post. Surfing Cowboys is such a great store – wish I lived closer to it. I actually live in SF (as well) and drive a vespa – it is probably one of my most favorite things to do. You automatically feel like a cool kid :)

  4. I can totally see where your dad was coming from – moving from Canada to California he just had to see that beach ;) And yes to Clam Bake — I wasn’t aware of it either until I met my East Coast husband. And we are off to Cape Cod again this summer – such a beautiful spot.

  5. oh, god, me too. I’m still in SoCal, so it’s nice to read expat longings to refocus on what’s here, (or used to be here). There’s a really B, triple B movie out to rent, Chasing Mavericks, that has the most amazing surfing footage which just about makes the clunky movie worthwhile — based on a sweet boy’s life story — that even with the bad acting captures some of the nostalgia too. Thank you for all the inspiring stuff on SFGBB this week.

  6. I grew up in SoCal too….and we spent every summer at the beach…Balboa Peninsula. Sailing and watching the crazies try to body surf the “Dirty Wedge”. And, yes, we did have “clam bakes”….we clammed every clam we could find out of Balboa Bay….I am sure we ended up eating toxic stuff along with the clam in retrospect, but we did love to dig for clams. I think they have been pretty much wiped out by now. Life in Newport/Balboa was a whole different thing back then….no Housewives of the OC…nope…notta one.

  7. Clam bake? Lobster bake? Hell yeah. I’m an East Coast girl and we host a July 4th lobster/clam bake at our place every year. Sometimes we have upwards of 100 people……..why? because it’s a bake!!!! everything comes off the bake and has the most wonderful smokey flavor. You MUST host one.

    This is how we do it:

  8. haha! your comments about santa monica beach hit home. we’ve been here all week for spring break & it’s been on the chilly side (coming from tucson, everywhere is chilly if it’s less than 70).
    but the kids managed to go in the water anyway … brrrr!

  9. Thank you for your Friday post! Brought back so many good memories, for I too am a southern cal gal. Chilly days were in abundance when my parents decided to move us to Baja full time. I would spend a lot of cloudy days contemplating my teenage life at the beach watching the waves crash on the rocky shore. Of course there were plenty of sunny ones too for swimming and tanning! Being in Seattle, I do miss Southern Cal.

  10. I am a beach babe by heart as well, and East Coast is definitely different than West! But don’t forgot those wonderful beaches not in NY. Like, Ocean Grove/Asbury Park, and the beautifully victorian Cape May. They will steal your heart!

  11. Have you tried La Playa Taqueria on 45th & Noriega? It’s the best burrito place in the Outer Sunset. I love their chipotle shrimp burrito!

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