the shutterbugs: olivia rae james.
by victoria comment



i came upon the photography of olivia rae james this weekend, because of these photos — of mister freakin’ bill murray — one of my personal heroes. i can’t even imagine what it would like to be in his presence, let along be his neighbor and have the opportunity to photograph him, so i got curious about other works of olivia’s and started peeking aroud. i figured if mister murray (who i believe to be a little reclusive) would invite olivia to photograph him, she must be quite talented — and my conclusion was proven accurate. i was a little stuck for inspiration this weekend, and seeing olivia’s photos, so overflowing with southern hospitality and a very vibrant sense of life lifted me right up where i needed to be.


i asked olivia if i might share a sampling of her lovely photographer and she most graciously agreed. olivia rae james shoots for kinfolk, is a wedding, portrait, and editorial photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina but will happily travel worldwide to take your picture. follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. and you can purchase some of her prints here (can i have an extra large bill murray, please?).










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  1. Fun, beautiful images! Am I the only one who was waiting to see a photo of someone splashing into the water. We have a guy on the diving board, another guy just about to enter the water, and then nothing. I guess I need to go find my own beautiful lake to jump into (or get someone else to jump into it while I watch).

  2. Oh!! I stumbled across a beautiful, beautiful photo some time ago, but since some jerk had put text over it I couldn’t reverse-search it. But now, mystery solved; Olivia Rae James! Thank you a million times, Victoria, for uniting me with this talented lady at long last.

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