tuesday’s girl: prada candy.
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“How much longer can we possibly all be so happy together?” — this is the question asked in prada’s clever new video ad campaign directed by my personal idol Wes Anderson, and Roman Coppola starring Léa Seydoux. if you know me at all you know i want to MARRY Wes Anderson and live happily ever after in our own weird little wes world. alas, that’s probably never gonna happen (is it, wes?) so i must live a life with wes vicariously through all he puts on film. i am not proud — i’ll take commercials, too. and this little diddy Prada Candy L’Eau is a charming edition to all things wes. oh yeah, and roman coppola’s pretty okay too (i generally include the coppola’s in a distant relative of Wes Anderson kinda way). anyway, i digress. this post is supposed to be about the new prada videos. they are fun, they are silly, they are in my humble opinion quite brilliant. i don’t even really like perfume, but i might buy this stuff just to remind me of Wes.


please enjoy these three little cinematic gems from wes and roman below, and you can watch a fun little behind the scenes of the making of the Prada Candy L’Eau film here. and do follow prada on instagram for more sneak peeks. and, i’ll see you soon, wes!


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  1. This is completely great! I really can’t stand perfume ads (inevitably Brad), but I love that this is oh so stylish and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Gotta love Wes!

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