if i had a hammer.
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if i had a hammer, i’d probably knock myself silly. well, i have one and i’m still here, so that’s probably an exaggeration, but i’m telling you what ariele alasko of brooklyn to west can do with a hammer just makes me so incredibly envious. ariele is “a builder, a fixer, and a do-it-myselfer. My favorite things in life are big tools, old wood, good pasta, and finding great materials in a dumpster.” i hadn’t checked in on her in since her brooklyn home tour here (i may have been subconsciously trying to feel better about myself by not looking at what she’s been up to) but i was indeed curious.


sure enough, still making cool stuff. her and her bright blue nails swinging hammers and pounding nails — making beautiful things, including this repurposed and reupholstered chair. have a look at the before — lordy, right?! anyway, she’s so cool. so talented. she makes it all look easy or something, and i know there’s no way in hell i could build these awe-inspiring things. let’s look though, let’s all feel like under-achievers together, but get oh-so-inspired. you can follow along with ariele on her website, blog, and instagram, too (that is, if you think your self-esteem can take it).







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  1. Oh wow! She is a clever stick, isn’t she?! What gorgeous things she makes – I am quite overcome with envy! The upholstery on that chair is absolutely to die for… I am considering hopping over to the US, breaking into her home and sling the thing over my shoulder, hop on a boat back to Barcelona and give it a nice spot in my own home in Barcelona. Doable, right? Hmmm… maybe not, but it would look fab!!

  2. Oh god, right?! I remember discovering her a few months back and I think I was a little drunk at the time, I read through her whole glorious blog and went so far as to write a big gushy comment about how incredible and inspiring she was, then I realized that was TOTALLY WEIRD and didn’t do anything. She is such an excellent craftsman.

  3. Big fan of her creations and working space. That chair is seriously wow! How satisfying that must be. I could feel green envy but I’ll use this as fuel to get inspired. I forgot about revisiting her website too so thank you so much for sharing her work. I have a chair or 2 or 3 that could use some love! :)

  4. I absolutely love all of this! That chair is gorgeous with the fabric, and I adore all the herringbone designed wood pieces. Wow, that girl can really do something with a hammer alright. I will definitely check out her sites. Thanks for posting!

  5. Wow! That is beyond lush and gorgeous. But My favorite bit of this whole post was you saying you’d knock yourself silly if you had a hammer. I actually laughed out loud at that one!

    I adore every bit of you, but I’m particularly fond of the silly bits!

    – Dottie

  6. I am so obsessed with Ariele Alasko! Every time she posts an instagram my self esteem takes a small hit. I just can’t stop following her though, everything she does is so beautiful! I love her consistency and hard working ethic. She is a truly inspiring artist.

  7. I really love Ariele Alsasko and I love this blog. But I was surprised to read in the post as well as in the comments such things as “when I look at her work, I feel unaccomplished and my self esteem takes a hit”. I understand that it was all in good humour, 2nd degree and a way of paying hommage to her talent, but this kind of discourse might be dangerous, especially in the blog world. It’s very easy to feel unworthy when all you’re confronted with is beauty and ambitious and successful people. I feel like that sometimes too. But the truth is, nobody’s perfect and internet is the best place to hide your true self and place a shallow image of you instead, so people willalways assume you live a perfect life.
    Victoria, I admire your work so much, you were able to create a wonderful blog, full of beauty and inspiring ideas and this creation of yours is very inspiring to me. I know that, like every human being, there are times when our self esteem is challenged, but I think we should look at all these inspiring people, not to compare their life/accomplishments with ours, but to honestly stop being self-centered and open ourselves to different life experiences, different works of art, different definitions of beauty. I think this is a great way to realize that there is a place for everybody here, and to accept our own process.

  8. Audrey, I appreciate your thoughts, but this post was entirely me being facetious, and I think you may have not gotten my sense of humor. I think maybe you might like to read this post which addresses exactly your concerns:


    I understand that sometimes my sense of humor can be offbeat, but I do hope no one took me seriously – I was merely trying to convey just how talented Ariele is. I’m sorry if it was concerning to you.
    Best, Victoria

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