petite vignette.
by victoria comment



i love a simple, but personally moving vignette — collected items that draw your visitors in and cause them to wonder — where they came from, what they mean to you. putting them together is fun — think of it as the subtly stylish hat you wear to a party – eye catching, but not so over the top you look like you’re ready for the kentucky derby. i’m constantly shifting the things i collect and love around my house to create interesting spaces for display. i found a few others i find most endearing and inspiring.


style inspiration.


Hannah Lemholt Photography, honeypie living.


stylist marcus hay.


brian w. ferry’s apartment via sight unseen.


a gallery vignette Photographed by Heidi Lerkenfeldt for Elle Decoration.


great findz.


morten holtum photogaphy and my sparrow vintage tropies.


stylist megan morton via vogue living australia.


stylist and photographer, Jessica Comingore for project bly.


seth smoot; janne peters; and my sparrow.

• top image vass cabinet from skandium.

17 responses to “petite vignette.”

  1. Surreal. Reminds me of the boxes of Joseph Cornell. So revealing, the things we collect say so much about us. There is a certain zen to arranging them together.. Ah! :)

  2. Really nice. Love the last cabinet best with the old drawings and tiny silver cups. I want to take a magnifying glass and check it all out! The slate gray drinking goblets really sparkle.

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