san francisco on film: outer sunset.
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The General Store.

i’ve been doing a little behind the scenes work lately, gathering some collaborating photographers for the blog, and one i’m very excited to introduce is photographer cindy loughridge, a neighbor of mine right her in san francisco. i have been following cindy on flickr for probably around six years now, but i was smitten with her work (and understandably envious) from the moment i saw it. i recently shared her series 365 days of coffee, and then we actually met up for a cup at makeshift a few weeks ago and decided it would be great fun to share her captures of san francisco with you. not only are cindy’s photos beautifully composed, but she shoots on nothing but film. yes, you heard me — old fashioned film. The cameras cindy used for this particular day were a Nikon F100, an old manual focus Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 lens, and the square photos are from her Hasselblad 500CM.


This series was photographed in san francisco’s Outer Sunset along judah street — cindy was out to brunch with friends and she captured images from the very yummy cafe Outerlands, took a look at Trouble Coffee, dropped by the lovely boutique The General Store, and shared a glimpse at eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin’s Three Fish Studio. I hope you admire them, and now long for a trip to the outer sunset as much as I do — away we go.


The General Store.



Cindy Loughridge General Store display








eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin’s Three Fish Studio.





Trouble Coffee.




• all photos by cindy loughridge.

20 responses to “san francisco on film: outer sunset.”

  1. I moved from the (Inner) Sunset in San Francisco to Paris about 2 years ago, and I have one of Annie’s “I love you California” bears hanging in my apartment here!

    p.s. Cindy’s photos are amazing and inspiring! I’ve been to most of those places but she gives them a dreamy quality that makes me want to transport myself right back there.

  2. Ah, beloved San Francisco! There is a beautiful sense of materiality in her photos, but also a lovely ethereal quality to them. A certain grounded and calm feeling. Thanks for sharing this beauty..

  3. These photographs are beautiful. I love, love Outerlands and these pictures reminded me that I need to make a pilgrimage for brunch one of these days. When I am there I am definitely going to check out General Store. Thanks for sharing such an amazing talent.

  4. Love the Sunset. My aunt lives there. Very wonderful pictures. Those Claire Nereim calendars are to-live-for! I wonder who’s responsible for the tremendous wall art outside the cafe? It amazes.

  5. Wow, beautiful photos Cindy. We loved meeting you and your friends when you shot at 3 Fish Studios. Come back anytime!
    We adore having our business in the Outer Sunset. It’s such a creative community.

  6. I love this part of the city and especially this small cluster of charming spots. These images are so amazingly gorgeous! I’m definitely going to check out her web site.

  7. Beautiful pictures! What an amazing place! I had read about Outer Sunset a couple if months ago in Sunset magazine and fell in love! What a treat to see it in one of my favorite blogs!

  8. Gosh, what beautiful, serene images! Just calmed me down and really gave me something wonderful to focus my scattered thoughts on. Thanks for making my day brighter.

  9. Wonderful feeling in Cindy’s photos. I don’t know is it a film and Cindy or just Cindy and her creativiness. This made me think – maybe I should also try with film one day…it’s been awhile. Thanks for sharing!

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