thoughts for a friday.
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photographer yunhee kim.

it’s been a rough week, people. it’s been heart-wrenching and maddening and i for one am glad it’s over. it’s only over in the sense that it’s finally friday, and i’m sure we all still have lots on our minds this weekend, but i think an escape is called for. at least from the news for a little while. i am going to turn mine to food. comforting, beautiful, delicious food. it’s also my nemesis, but for today, i’m forgiving food and just embracing all its goodness.


• this image makes me want to eat every meal from bento boxes. artist, photographer and sylist clarisse demory makes food look so wholesome and so artful. and bento boxes, don’t get me started. they just make food look so cute. styled and edible to perfection.


• do you read sweet paul magazine? it’s a lovely cooking and craft magazine and definitely puts the comfort in comfort food. paul has adopted his grandmother’s motto, “fullkommenhet er kjedelig…” which means “perfection is boring,” and he’s incorporated it and her sheer joy of creating into everything he does — from recipes, to beautiful DIY’s (like the table runner above), sweet paul is a delicious escape.


• pastry or art? you decide. Caitlin Freeman is pastry chef and now author who has written a book of dessert recipes from which you can re-create edible versions of your favorite works of modern art — Modern Art Desserts: Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Confections, and Frozen Treats Based on Iconic Works of Art. this particular dessert — a Cartagena vanilla ice cream and sorbet trio was inspired by Alejandra Cartagena’s photograph Fragmented Cities, Juarez #2. i think i could eat them both!


inspiring the everyday is a beautiful blog. Beyond the cooking, blogger michael styles and photographs everything you see. he loves food photography, and he’s going to make you fall in love with it too. oh, and for those of you into gluten-free — inspiring the everyday is into that, too. NOTE: it hasn’t been updated in some time, so if anyone knows where to find his new blog, do tell!


• i love todd selby. and now i love his book, the edible selby. Photographer Todd Selby focuses his lens on the kitchens, gardens, homes, and restaurants of more than 40 of the most creative figures working in the culinary world today. his behind the scenes sneak peeks into some amazing kitchens is perfectly inspiring — and utterly mouth watering, too. read up.

12 responses to “thoughts for a friday.”

  1. happy friday back at you, victoria.
    my heart is sad this week too.
    going to hear the lumineers tonight at the greek.
    they are sure to make me smile.
    smiles this weekend to you and lucy :)

  2. Inspiring the everyday hasn’t had an entry since Nov 2012…do you have a new address for them?

    In times like these, appreciating the simple pleasures of life will serve to restore us. Hope your weekend is filled with just that.

  3. Just lovely, Victoria. I see those pastries and in my mind they are all gluten-free and made for me. You do know that if you cut a pie, the calories leak out, right? Happy Friday and warm Aloha to you!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard about the edible selby, have to definitely check this out. Have a good weekend, especially after this week, Toni

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