no expiration date that i can see.
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perishable goods = a bit old : a bit new : a bit craft. and a whole lot of beautiful. non-perishable goods is designed and created by shay carrillo in her backyard home-based studio in Portland, Oregon. the shop was born out of shay’s love for textiles, hand-crafted goods, and a desire to make useful products for home, woman & child which reduce disposable consumption, encourage artistic play/expression or remind of us of our ties to traditions and cultures around the world. all products are entirely hand-crafted using only natural fiber materials including linen, wool felt, vintage wool and vintage textiles. these gorgeous pillows are just part of her charming and very bohemian collection. non-perishable goods can be purchased online and in shops listed here. Look for non-perishable goods on facebook to learn about new products,






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