sfgirlbybay’s guide to bohemian modern sf – app!
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hey! some big news around here! you know how very often when you’re on your way to visit san francisco and you write me (or tweet) for a list of some of my favorite places to visit? well, now you can have all that information right on your iphone (and coming for android soon!) and compatible on your ipad, too. i decided it might be fun to create a simple app that allows you to shop bohemian san francisco by neighborhood. i’ve listed all my favorite vintage, furniture, home decor and accessories shops, even local flea and farmer’s markets as well as some galleries and museums. sfgirlbybay’s guide to bohemian modern san francisco just $1.99 — i tried to keep it super affordable and still provide you with valuable san francisco insider scoop. each place has my written description and review, so it’s kind of like the sfgirlbybay blog-to-go — an easy to navigate shopping guide to san francisco! i hope you find it handy — you can find it in the itunes store here.


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  1. I just adore your blog and San Francisco!! What a perfect combo for all the shopping I love. Fantastic idea, Victoria!!

  2. Wow, this literally couldn’t have come at a better time! Planning a San Fran trip in May! Thank you in advance!

  3. So funny I have this app Victoria currently on my iPhone and used it recently when I visited San Francisco. Well anyway just today my phone tells me there’s an updated version of the app ready to download to my phone, which I did. So the timing of your column is so interesting.

  4. That’s so cool – such a fun idea! Any chance you could share the name of the app developer? I’m looking for someone I can refer people to since it’s not something I do myself.

  5. Tour San Francisco with our Hop On Hop Off sightseeing and shopping adventure. 17 stops throughout the city so you can visit San Francisco’s most popular landmarks and shopping centers at your own pace. Grab the next bus and travel onto your next stop. It’s a great way to spend time in the city!

  6. This is the things a girl needs while travelling: small, affordable, and ever so useful. (omg I’m sounding like a maxi pad ad!)

    Congratulations on this. I wish you great success.

    Love, Bianca

  7. This is so great, it must have been such a labor of love not to mention tons and tons of work! I’ll definitely be using it when we visit San Fran. :)

  8. I will be traveling to San Francisco (from The Netherlands) in September, mainly because of all your gorgeous photos, locations and stories on your blog. :-D So, your app is timed perfectly for some great pre-holiday-fun!! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Love Maria

  9. yes! i just had someone email me for SF recommendations this week, and now i get to cheat and just send them a link to this app. brilliant : )

  10. Hey, you should really make this app available for Android users! A pitty that people without iphones can’t use it.

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