what to do with a book addiction.
by victoria comment



i have a lot, and i mean a lot of books. when i relocated my movers were cussing me out under their breath as they hoisted many, many boxes of books upon their shoulders. i cannot help myself. i don’t just buy one book at a time, i buy three. they’re just so very pretty and i have a very hard time ridding myself of them, and honestly i just don’t want to. so i find ways of organizing on my bookshelves them so they don’t look like a jumbled chaotic pile, and instead a lovely display of welcoming books just waiting for my guests’ perusal. i kinda just love it when people are drawn to my books and i love sharing them. i stack them by spine color (i know, OCD) and i stack them sometimes flat and upright, instead of along their spines. i like them this way — i like looking at them, remembering what’s inside their pretty pages, and pulling them out for inspiration on a regular basis. do you love your books, too? are you an addict?






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  1. One can NOT have too many books! I am a book lover myself (and hoard every chance I get) and wish I could have bookshelf after bookshelf of books. Great way of arranging your books! I have limited space so I had to do mine the old fashioned way.

  2. you can never have too many books! i refuse to let the e-reader be the demise of paperback novels and beautifully organized bookshelves. one day i too plan will have a bookshelf organized by colour!

  3. Too many books? No way! I even organized my books for studies like a rainbow ;) and I love a coffee table full of nicely arranged books waiting for me. agree with the guest-grabbing-my-books-thing.

  4. You can never have too many pretty books. I have a ton of design and cookbooks. I only buy novels for my e-reader. My mom has been moving her books around the world since 1974 – Every apartment she’s lived in houses her books in a large expanse of bookcases. She can’t get rid of them (even though I think some of the political science books wouldn’t be current ;))

  5. I am a serious book addict. My husband and I are selling practically everything we own and moving to SF in August, and the books were the hardest thing for me to give up. I’ve fought for a few boxes, but I know I’ll have to give up more before August. It’s heartbreaking!

  6. I’m a book junky but I’m far too OCD with mine, have to be perfectly aligned on their shelves, sorted by topic.

    And if anyone so much as sneezes near my J.R.R. Tolkien collection I’ll have a hernia!

    The top book in the last photo, what’s that about? :)

  7. I too am a book addict. My main obsession is vintage children’s books and I don’t even have any kids. I just love them for the amazing illustrations. I’m hoping to someday build a floor to ceiling bookcase in my dining room so I have room to buy more.

  8. HI from France.
    I’m just fond of books too: mainly litterature (french -of course-, english and spanish), history, historical biographies but also design, art (both modern and classical) and architecture; and i have a lot of them. I agree with Adena when she says that we can never have too many books. Books are culture, inspiration, dream and beauty. Even the book itslef is a pretty thing. But like many of you as it seems I also have difficulties to order them. I’ve got the luck to have bookshelves in the thickness (sorry if it’s not the correct word ;-) ) of one of the wall in the living-room so I can put some of them there. For the others I also put them on and under the coffee table; and also on the dinning table. But I find your way to order the books very interesting. I have some jobs done in the house (a new kitchen, at least!) so I had to take everything off but when I have to fit eveything out I’ll think about your idea.
    (Sorry for that long message; in fact I’m so passionate about books that I can speak about it for hours…)

  9. I love books, and if I ever visited you, I would be immediately drawn to your collection. I can’t stay away! I see a bookshelf, I have to immediately peruse it.

  10. you realize that on LJ those pictures you just posted are referred to as ‘book porn’ right?

    between my brother, my parents and myself, I figure we collectively have MORE books than our local LIBRARY…granted it’s a county library in Arkansas, but still! More books than the library!

  11. I love this post. I have an absurd number of books myself, and am always amused when my uninterested-in-design-trends friends marvel at the by-color arrangement. I think they think I’m weird, actually…

  12. That is some amazing book organization! I love books too, but unfortunately couldn’t bring them all along for my move to AK. They are waiting for me in MO and some days, I want them all packed up and sent to me…I could care less about shipping costs!

  13. Good Morning from *beautiful* British Columbia! I am right there with you Victoria…..I am in LOVE with my books. After recently moving from another Province…I sadly parted with lots of my lovelies…and only kept my most favourite children’s books that I enjoyed as a little girl, my favourite Christmas books..and a collection of well loved/enjoyed decorating, fiction, humour, and auto-biographies! I HAD about 100 cookbooks…that I paired down to my Mother and Grandmother’s own copies and a small collection of really ‘nifty’ vintage ones I had picked up from thrift shops!

  14. I stack by color too! My husband is always surprised that I can find them all by remembering what color the spine is and, therefore, what room it’s in and which shelf it’s on! I don’t think one can have too many. Book are beautiful and their contents are even better (for the most part).

  15. I guess it was a rhetorical question, but no, one can never ever have too many books. And, one can never have too many bookcases. And the best of new homes has bookcases built in, sitting like open arms ready to receive my books. And yet, I have come across people who do not keep books because they are dusty! this is a truly puzzling attitude.

  16. Love love love the firs pic of blooms on top of books. I confess my book addiction but I have to say I have purged my books several times and given some gems away to ‘make room’ for more ideas/books to flow in. And you know what? It has worked wonders! :)

  17. I’m an addict too! We recently moved and my brother and father in law said the worst thing to move were my books, haha! I can’t help it though… I will never stop collecting and loving them…

  18. I know that one can have too many books. My flat is covered in books even though I sort loads and loads out several times a year. I work in a book-shopp so I get tons of books for free twice a year. And I buy books on top of it. I hat the idea of moving only because of the books here. I like a flat full of books but don’t like knowing how many of these books are actual real crap a publisher send to me hoping I will sell them.

  19. I have a very deep emotional connection with my books. I have read most of them so many times that the front covers have started to fall off, and I love having my beautiful big coffee-table books on display. Books are a lovely reflection of your nature. They are special and beautiful and should be treasured and loved!

  20. I figure books are the best kind of addiction you can have!
    Next place I will be building a library to hold them all :) xo

  21. Having recently moved internationally, I have a suggestion for you. Buy books without pictures/charts in Kindle format, and the rest as ‘real’ books. I finally realized that I almost *never* re-read a novel, so there’s no need to keep a copy. I donated tons of those to Friends of the SF Public Library (and friends) when I moved. I love my Kindle, and it’s so much easier for traveling.

    One interesting thing I learned when I got to France was that books (even outdated paperback Zagat guides) are sacred (see Fred’s comment above). Someone explained to me that Germans idolize musicians, the Italians their painters, and the French writers. My husband’s French father has probably 10,000 books and “BD” (bandes-desinées, or hardcover comic books), with custom book shelves throughout their house. Drives his wife nuts, but my husband can’t stop reading them while he’s at their house!

  22. To be honest I never had many nice looking books, they all were like novels and they usually don’t look that pretty, but since we are here in SF I#m kind of obsessed with buying new books. Books are what spaces makes cozy. My only problem is that I cannot buy all the book at once. So sad that I missed the big spring sale at Fort Mason.

  23. You can never have too many books, just not enough space to store them in. I’m a fellow book lover, trying to figure out how to keep my books accessible whilst not looking chaotic or overwhelming. I’m still looking for the perfect set of shelves too, I think it makes all the difference!

  24. Oh, Victoria do I *have* a book addiction?! of course I do!
    I am also a stationery junkie, so when I moved in July 2012, there were more boxes filled with paper to move than actual furniture! Oh, my!

    I try my best NOT to buy too many cute notebooks (it’s really, really, hard though!) and I borrow as many books as I can from the local library so I don’t fill up my home *to the brim* up with the books. I only keep books that I read and re-read or the “masterpieces” and the ones that hold special, precious memories to me. It’s my way to cut down on the “too many books” syndrome…


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