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i am not crafty. i wish i were but apparently i haven’t got that gene. i like making things, but i think i lack the patience to follow through. i like buying handmade items though, and i admire the handywork that goes into a good DIY immensely. there’s several blogs out there that excel at DIY — i am not one of them. okay, every once in a while, but it’s not my forte. i can find some good ones for you, though. so my thoughts for a friday veer towards the DIY experts. these are not your grannie’s crafts — these are stylish, “hell i’d buy this in a shop” kinda crafts.

kelly murray’s DIY paper mache bowls are stunning. these bowls (above) make me want to actually attempt some DIY. pretty gold leaf bowls with pretty little polka dots for stashing jewelry, or just for display. call me impressed.


• i like this DIY because it’s super simple. pastill shows you how to simply drill a hole in a jar with a pretty lid, and voilá — an instant string holder. she recommends this great jar from granat if you can get a hold of it and i can see why. love that lid! but there are all kinds of great jars out there, or simply paint your own.


• the bane of our existence – plugs. i loathe the way they look, especially when you’ve got like a bagillion things plugged into one outlet. anna at door sixteen hates ’em too, so she DIY‘d this great cover for plugs and outlets. how stylin’ is this? using a large round wooden box, she created a swiss cross masterpiece. i need to get over my DIY fear and make this. pronto-like.


• as much i hate plugs, i hate power cords more. they are my nemesis. when they finally do away with these uglies, i will have a parade. but in the meantime, bri from designlovefest came up with yet another great and easy DIYwashi taped power cords in pretty colorful stripes. simple idea, but i sure the heck wouldn’t have thought of it. the handy-dandy little organizer is cool, too. good on you, bri.


• your very own mini marquee? check. that’s how good jordan from oh happy day! is at DIY. i marvel at her makings on a daily basis. from her kids’ costumes to her genius party fare, i’m kinda incredulous at how much she gets done and how great it ends up looking. this marquee sign is over the top cool. i can’t make this, but you should and have your name in lights. it’s rad.


• a DIY mountain pillow? yes please. how cute is this DIY pillow in the form of a mountain from design*sponge? this ia pretty simple to make snow-peaked pillow for staying warm and cozy indoors. design*sponge has tons of great DIY‘s posted on a regular basis from various talented contributors, and I am consistently wowed.

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  1. Loving the washi taped cords. And that string holder is so simple and yet so fab. As a fan of handmade (obsessively so, as you know ), it is great to see the handmade love getting spread around. Happy Friday and have a splendid weekend.

  2. I am not much of a DIY-er too, but I am in love with that string holder. I tend to drop things easily…don’t ask about the china; so if I drop a spool…I hate to roll it back AGAIN. Yeah, I am lazy…I know. Thanks for sharing anyway. :)

  3. Sooooo many great ideas! Thanks for sharing, this is awesome. The cords with the washi tape totally has me. So simple! I’m always looking for ways to hide or make cords look better.

  4. I’ll have to try that electrical cord diy. My husband always has a six-foot trail of cord going from him on the couch to the wall. Perhaps if it was pretty I wouldn’t be as annoyed with it;)

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