california sunshine.
by victoria comment



sometimes, when you’re fresh outta flowers, you need to get creative. i see an empty vessel and i want to fill it with something pretty! and i always like having fresh flowers in the house — and i like going to the flower mart to get a week’s supply. they generally last a lot longer than a week when i buy them there, which is nice, too. but i didn’t get there this weekend so i found myself using fruit to brighten up my space. we did a little photo shoot here yesterday and had some of these kumquat branches left over, and i’d bought a few tangelos at the market, too so i created a little vignette at the window using what was on hand. i ended up quite liking the result — like a little slice of california sunshine right in my own home. easy for you to do too — no matter what state you live in!




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  1. The color of these is gorgeous! I love getting random branch cuttings from the yard to decorate with, recently I used yellow forsythia and pussy willow with bright pink and red tulips.

  2. How adorable – such pretty colors, so unique and really brightens up your space!
    Unfortunately, we’re behind on spring here in Minnesota so my gardens are weeks/months away from blooming…

    Until then, I’ll just stare at your pretty arrangements!

  3. i needed these photos of that beautiful sunshine today! moved out of california last year, and i’m in a very rainy washington dc right now…so this was the perfect pick me up!

  4. That’s lovely. I must be more creative about what I put in vases and vessels. I never have flowers in the house but I am sure I could try and come up with something a bit more creative – thanks :-)

  5. Lovely shot. Once read an interview with a famous production designer- he said that one of his tricks to bring a room to life was a bowl of oranges in the room…

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