mr. boddington wants to spend every day with you. a giveaway.
by victoria comment



well isn’t this just the most charming? this is the swell mr. boddington’s collection from chronicle books. they send a few samples over and i just thought it would be fun to give you all a chance to win this set. if you’re not familiar, Mr. Boddington’s Studio is a new york-based bespoke stationer who has built a reputation for masterfully mixing hand-drawn line work with a bold punch of color. we’re going to give away four sets this week — each set will include the three notebooks, the Every Day Five Year Memory Book and the boxed set of Eco-Notecards. three cheers for mr. boddington!!



Although never confirmed, it has been said that Mr. Boddington exhibits no tolerance for haggard looking correspondence. So, to enter to win this giveaway, simply:

• comment here and tell us — who would you write a note to and why? or, what secret passage would you share in your memory book? or what kind of things would you share in your notebook journals?

• share any one of those thoughts here by Friday, may 10 at midnight PST.

• so sorry, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce a random winner the week of may 13th on my twitter account, so be sure to follow along.




119 responses to “mr. boddington wants to spend every day with you. a giveaway.”

  1. love it the collection, how great to keep all my notes in such a wonderful, happy and colorful collection, pick me please :)

  2. I keep a collection of memories of the moments in life that I’d like to never forget. Some are typical events, like a moment during graduation, while others seem more trivial, such as a time I overheard someone play the piano while I walked home in the rain.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are perfection. I would write notes to myself on my wedding day. It’s coming up in a couple of months and I want to be able to remember every emotion :)

    I’m on Twitter at @JBuggica

  4. I would write a thank-you note to Chelsea for creating my logo and inspiring me to finally act on my daydreams!

  5. In a memory book I would document our transition through the first five years of marriage for my future daughter or son.

  6. I’d write notes to friends – whether it’s for special occasions or just because. Not enough people send physical notes nowadays!

  7. Our daughter, Ruby, just turned two. She’s fiery and sweet and amazing. I would use the Five Year Memory Book to chronicle our daily adventures with her. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love notebooks, especially wonderfully colorful and unique ones! I have somewhat of a obsession with notebooks actually, with these though I would definitely write down my daily thoughts and ideas. The memory book would be filled with all i have been through since my mother and i opened our shop recently!

  9. in a world of electronic everything — i keep a written journal of each day of my life. it’s a catalog of events, ideas, people, places — the trivial and important. i have years and days and hours logged on paper.

  10. I’d use these at work to keep track of client notes. What a good way to brighten up my office!

  11. I love snail mail – so I’d send notes to family and friends in hopes of brightening their day! If you’re going to send something – it should be beautiful and lovely.

  12. I’d love some new notebooks and notecards! Since graduating from college and moving away from each other, my former dorm mate and I have been making sure to keep in touch. One of those ways involves writing hand-written letters to one another. She lives in Colorado, while I’m near Chicago, so some new cards would motivate me to send those letters more regularly.

  13. I would write love notes to my husband throughout the year and deliver them when he least expects it! I have learned that acknowledging the little things we do for each other is important, and what better way than with a sweet handwritten note?!

    I also have an addiction to new notebooks as I am jotting notes down and drawing/diagramming all day!

  14. A very good friend has come into my life lately and created this whirlwind of happiness and making me smile all the time, especially when I’ve been feeling really down and he deserves 10 notes of thanks. These would be really sweet to write them on

  15. I love these! I love the bold color, and I would definitely write notes to family. A few to the kids to clean up their room and do the dishes, and for my husband, that I love him! Thanks for the fun and summery giveaway!

  16. In a journal, I would write down and document everything I did/saw/said/thought in one week–and I mean everything! My mom used to make such journals for me when I was a child. They included places we went together, random things I said, ticket stubs, and photos galore. They are so much fun to look back through whenever I feel like it. They are some of my most prized possessions and I think it would be nice to continue the tradition as an adult, even if my daily life isn’t as exciting anymore.

  17. I’m a huge fan of handwritten notes and would use these to write notes to all my long-distance friends. I also spend every morning writing in my journal as a way to connect with myself, process through life’s ups and downs, and record all my creative ideas.These journals would be so perfect for that. Thanks for the chance to win! xo

  18. love mr. boddington’s.. .some of my wedding stationery was from there so i have good memories. i’d probably use the memory book to record things about a new baby and share them with him/her in years to come!

  19. I adore Mr. Boddington’s bright colors and graphic style – so fun. I’d write a note to my boyfriend who is working abroad right now, so I can’t be with him!

  20. Great collection and giveaway–I’d love to send notes to my friends just to let them know I’ve been thinking about them.

  21. I live in San Francisco as well, and at least once a day, I find or observe something interesting that happens. This would be a great way to catalogue these and share!

  22. I would write to my mom! I call her often, but I think she secretly enjoys my letters more :)

  23. I would write notes to my aging aunties who live far away and appreciate such things arriving in the mail.

  24. I forget everything and keep a notebook in my purse at all times so I can jot down lists and spur of the moment thoughts that I know will be forgotten, the notes would be used at random to send to different loved ones, and the journal would be for the best thing that happened each day.

  25. I use notebooks to record my story ideas.

    I like to handwrite notes to all of my loved ones to make them feel special. My mother is very old-fashioned, and she ingrained that habit in me.

  26. Each day, I’d write pertinent quotes that reflect my thoughts and feelings. At the end of the year, I’d read all of them to see how much I’ve grown (or not).

  27. Oh so beautiful! I love writing notes to businesses I visit and fall in love with, like a coffee shop, store, or restaurant.

  28. I would take notes on my favorite food experiences and create a dream recipe list.

  29. I would use the cards to write love notes to my sweet friends/relatives and journals always come in handle for recording goals, hopes, dreams and adventures.

  30. I would write my yearly letters to my kids on the paper. I keep them all in a notebook to give to them when they leave the house when they’re older.

  31. my husband and i always leave each other notes. i also love to make lists in my notebooks – to dos, goals, etc.

    courtney.allisunfair (at) yahoo (dot) com

  32. I would write notes to my daughter Patricia, a “paper snob” who would appreciate the lovely designs, and I would give her the notebooks and journal to record the memories she’s making now, living and working in Lima, Peru. Thank you for the opportunity!

  33. I want to write a note to my mom’s cousin who I have only met once and I believe she has much to tell about our family history.

  34. I would write a note to my grandmother (glammy) since she is the most glam and fabulous person I know

  35. Oh, I’m such a fan! I love journals and stationary. I would write a love note to my sweetheart: we are celebrating our paper anniversary May 26th :)

  36. How lovely! I would leave handwritten notes for my husband at every holiday- reminding him of what I love most. And come to think of it, my mom might like one too. :)

  37. I love Mr. Boddington! I am a extremely prolific writer of letters (in fact, I am currently in the middle of a project where I write a letter every single day for a year), so it is difficult to say for sure who I would write to if I won this stationary set- it could be to one of my dear friends, an acquaintance I haven’t spoken to in awhile, one of my 3 beloved sisters who live so far away, or even possibly a stranger who has done a good deed that I’ve read about in the news somewhere.

  38. I have been keeping a diary since 1997, and I love collecting all kinds of pretty journals for all my thoughts. I’d love to add one of these to my collection, they are fabulous!

  39. Such GORGEOUS notebooks! I like to use mine to keep track of my thoughts – my crafting ideas, my to-do lists, it’s a place for me to write out texts (I’m a singer!) and even to pass notes in class! And I especially love beautiful notebooks like these!

    twitter @papapapaulina

  40. I’ve been looking for a cute set specifically for this:
    I’d write notes and short stories about the trials and travels of our rescue pup Monte. He’s a big dog (Great Dane Mix), who acts like a small pup, exploring, learning and living life in a big city LA , and I would love to document him to share and reminisce with our future children and family and pups.

  41. I would write a note to my friends in other countries, because it is fun to send mail to other countries and to get mail from other countries :). And, having just found out I am pregnant, I am sure I will have plenty to write down in the months to come!

  42. I am really into beautiful correspondence. I am sometimes known as “that girl who formats her emails.” So I would incorporate that nice stationary into the snail mail I already send.

  43. These are simply adorable! I am a “list person” and always have a notebook full of lists going…organization is my middle name!

  44. i’ve been trying to be a better long distance friend to my loved ones all over the world. there’s nothing sweeter than opening the mail box and finding something other than bills. i would love to send little mr. b’s to my dearest friends and family.


  45. So vibrant, I love it! If I were to win, I would send notes to my baby sister who is studying in Italy! I miss her like crazy and I’m running out of cute notecards. :)

  46. I just had a baby and I’ve wanted to start some little memory book. I would use these to write one sentence or paragraph a day about my baby. just one little memory or new thing or event per day so i can look back and remember all the little things that happened, and someday share these notes with my daughter.

  47. Very cute. I would write sweet words of encouragement to my struggling students!

  48. I adore Mr. Boddington! With his impeccable style, he perfectly designed my wedding correspondence years ago, and still designs party invitations for me now and again. I’d love to write notes to my faraway friends who are pregnant, about to be married and brand new moms. These sweet cards would feel so celebratory in their mailboxes.


  49. I would love to make one of these lovelies my new Gratitude Journal. Just looking at them makes me happy.

  50. Gorgeous! I would love to use a 5 year journal :) I would write down the thing that made me smile each day, and the person that I appreciate most.

  51. I already have the 5 year journal — it is my early mom’s day gift, I was afraid it would sell out so I strongly suggested my daughter “buy” it for me early. the drawings are charming… don’t include me in the drawing, just wanted others to know how sweet the journal is…

  52. in the 5 year book i’d write to my mother. I write notes to her about motherhood. i’d jot down the quick kid antics of the, and the moments i thought i was failing, and everything in between. this way it would almost be like she was here with us sharing this part of our lives.

    i’d keep a notebook in my handbag, and send a little love note to my husband with the cards.

  53. hmmm, i collect overheard tidbits, so for sure, mr boddington’s lovely notebooks would house these amusing words quite well.

  54. I’d write a note to the honorable Benjamin Franklin to ask him about his life as an ambassador in France, both professional and secret!

  55. These are lovely. I would write down daily inspirations, scripture verses, moments to remember with my family, and my journey with cancer in the notebooks. There are many dear people who have blessed us, I would use up the thank you cards first. Thank you.

  56. I would write a note to myself in the future and look back at it later to see what I was thinking.

  57. These are so lovely!!I write in pictures, and I would journal with drawings and add little bits and pieces of life that I’d found. I’d record everything in my son’s life: sayings, trips, holidays, projects, ups and downs, and give it to him upon his graduation. : )

  58. I would write a notes to my two younger sisters. We all live in different cities and don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like. I think they’d enjoy these colorful cards!

  59. These are simply beautiful! I keep a journal now and would write in these lovely books every day. I would also write notes to family and friends! My sisters live in different states so they would receive these colorful cards from me.

  60. I keep a book next to the sofa so that I can write thoughts, web addresses, quotes, etc. I would love to receive any of these precious notebooks.

  61. Fo sho would write my inspirational ideas, quotes, goals as well as have some fun with my scissors and glue stick cutting and pasting the old fashioned way to create the perfect design journal!

  62. Yesterday we arrived at the mailbox, opening it with anticipation. Would the package be there? It was. Commence jumps of joy, “yipees” of delight and hands all wanting to touch the beautiful stamps from a land far away.
    Mail makes our day.
    I would write letters to friends in foreign lands and across the street. And find cool stamps to decorate them with.

  63. I would write about all the positive things in my daily life as a reminder and also to look back on how great life can be. It’s so easy to only see the opposite sometimes! What a lovely collection and thank you for the giveaway!

  64. It’s so pretty. I love to leave my husbend memo massages on the mirror in my bedroom, just to remind him that I LOVE him

  65. Mr. Boddington, you charmer you! I love these bright colors! Every day, I write in a boring old notebook about something new I had done that day, and I would much rather write that down in one of these. Pretty please!

  66. I’d send a note to my dear grandmother, who loves to get hand-written notes. These are LOVELY!

  67. I would share in my journal, funny and sweet things my son says, so I can look back and remember when he is grown up.

  68. I love to write letters to my grandmother. We mainly correspond via typed letters from her (she can’t hold a pen any more) and hand written letters from me. She tells me she doesn’t get very much mail anymore since everyone uses email these days and in her mid eighties many of her friends don’t keep in touch as much as they use to so I try to write her at least once a month. I know getting a bright a colorful letter from her granddaughter always makes her happy.

  69. I’d write down things that I’m afraid of. Then I’d figure out how to break them into little pieces like a cookie and eat each piece until there is nothing left. :-)

  70. Our first child is due in two and a half months, and a beautifully designed memory book seems like such a nicer place to jot down his adventures than all those enter-this-here-and-this-here prescriptive baby books!

  71. These are so cheerful and pretty! I would write a note to my sister since I don’t get to see her often enough.

  72. I would write notes to my daughter telling her how much I love her and I would write all her milestones till she turns 7 years-old. She is two.

  73. Letter writing is an act of love! I scribble secret thoughts to my friend Dan, a touring actor in New York, who tells me how he wants to rip into something other than junk mail when he returns home. I tell him about the pair of blue jays who have not stopped gossiping outside my window since dawn and about the elderly woman with cat-eye sunglasses who buys a dozen Virgin Mary candles at the 99cent store every Tuesday.

    I write my mother each week just as she wrote to her mother across an ocean. I make sure to put AIR MAIL/ LUFT POST/ PAR AVION at the bottom of the envelope to remind the post office to “Hurry up, this is important!”

    I write to my boyfriend (even though we live together) so I can say “you were right with me today, even though you weren’t actually here.”

    Letters remind us that we’re not as alone as we think. Collecting them in boxes over a lifetime you can see in a small way how many people you’ve touched.

  74. I recently went back to school (after being out 12 years!)to earn my master degree, and I’m always looking for beautiful and unique notebooks- these would do the trick! Next semester starts next weekend… :D

  75. I would document all the funny, cute and smart things my 3 year old son does. He’s such a great little boy. It’s so hard to write all these things down. I would love a place to keep all these special memories. These books are beautiful!!

  76. I would write random notes to my grandmother so she’s not so lonely and have something to read. (she lives in the Philippines now)

  77. I keep journals and notebooks full of to do lists and I write notes to myself about things I want to tell my two daughters when we look the notebooks over when they are older. I have notebooks from when I was in high school– they are the one thing I have been able to move with me over and over (and over) again. They are my time capsule.

  78. Hello SF Girl By Bay Team!
    I’m an artist, curator, and community organizer, so I write thank you notes all the time to galleries, artists, and volunteers for their support, participation, and time.
    I love the idea of a five year memory book- the research surrounding my own work is deeply involved with memory and place. Having a (darling!) central place to log memories and notable ideas/references/research sparks, for such an expanse of time, would be so helpful and welcome.
    In the notebook journals, I would record studio thoughts: sketches, ideas for new work, bits of inspiration, reflections on residencies, and streams of conscious. I like to keep all of my sketchbooks, and would love for these original and charming to become part of the collection.

  79. What a lovely idea, and so very stylish.
    I think i would actually start writing down all the silly things that make me laugh each day. In so many conversations, someone will say something that will bring out the tears of laughter. I want to record all those moments.
    i would start sending notes to my friends. I think that we are missing that these days. there is nothing better then a hand written note to make you feel special.

  80. iChat a sweet gesture to share these journals with others! I would like write down some of the great memories I’ve been making with my daughter while on vacation in Italy! Thanks for the chance.

  81. I wold write a note to the love of my life who has been working on South Georgia Island with the British Antarctic Survey the past three months helping to save seabird populations on the island. I can’t wait to see him in June!

  82. Ooooooh!

    I’m a mail fiend. I love it. I send it out all the time and when it comes to thank-you notes I’m quite religious about it. I think I just mailed someone a second thank-you because I couldn’t remember if I had indeed mailed them the first one and I couldn’t NOT send them a thank-you.

    I love Mr. Boddington’s style. So punchy and graphic.
    I have my son’s first birthday coming up at the end of the month and those cards would be wonderful. I am also trying to make writing more of my daily life ritual and that journal is perfect.

  83. I hate to say it, but I would write a note to myself because I am horribly forgetful!

  84. I would use them to write notes to my daughter, who just turned one, telling her how I’m falling in love with her more each day. Then I’d give her the notebook when she grows up…

    Sniff sniff. These are wonderful.

  85. I love colorful and fun notebooks! I would document our journey into parenthood, our experiences as parents, and share them with our child :)

  86. I would write a note to the character June from “Tell The Wolves I’m Home” about how beautiful she is.

  87. such fun and happy colors!

    i would send hand-written notes to best girl friends who are scattered around the country.

  88. I’d write personal thoughts as well as school ideas in the journal. This collection would be ideal for my summer internship as well. I love everything about it!

  89. I am currently writing to my Uncle, he is dying and my promise is that if he keeps fighting every day I will keep writing

  90. I would write notes to my close friends who both live out of country (China and France), as well as my Mee-maw who doesn’t have an email address. I also really love the every day for 5 years notebook — what a great idea!

  91. I would write to all my friends I met in Egypt while I was studying abroad. I continue to think of them and their country in it’s current struggling situation.

  92. I am writing the 2 last acts of a play talking about family relationship. We meet our parents twice. First, as children, second, as adults.
    What does happen when we become adult and understand our parents better? How to accept that nobody and nothing is perfect?
    I would be thrilled to use those super nice notebook for that :)
    Thank you for sharing those nice designs.