good reads: northern delights.
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i’ve been following along with scandinavian blogger emma fexus of Emmas Designblogg for as long as I can remember blogging. it’s one of my all time favorite blogs, so when i heard she had a new book out i was over the moon excited. i pre-ordered it the minute i heard, and my copy of Northern Delights arrived today and i most happy to report it does not disappoint. with emma editing, it has all the aesthetics of her beautiful blog put to the printed page. in Northern Delights, the stunning selection of work shared reveals what makes Scandinavian design so inspiring. i couldn’t recommend it more highly. here’s just a few of the over 240 stunning pages. Northern Delights will be taking center stage on my coffee table for a long, long while.








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  1. I’ve always swooned over Scandinavian style and dream of one day visiting Sweden. This book combines everything I love about European design…lots of white, touches of warm wood, mid-century modern accents and herringbone floors. Love it ;)

  2. I have an obsession with Scandinavian design. It doesn’t help that I’m 100% Norwegian. I’m most definitely going to ask for this for my birthday.

  3. Thank you Victoria, and thank you, too, Emma! I can’t wait to read the book!

    For so many years, the most accessible cue into scandinavian design and style, for me, was C&B, CB2, and the earlier retailer simply known as Scandinavian Design. (And now we have IKEA, too!) Aside from my first bookshelves not balanced between cement bricks, my first and biggest purchase in scandinavian style was a black, leather chair, with ottoman, whose foundation was constructed of a warm shade of solid teak. Of course we usually think of style and looks first, but the ergonomics of this style is another consideration; that beautiful chair made it possible for me to spend as long as 20 hours at a time, when necessary, reading or working on written projects. Before this, there was a continual migration – from sofa, to kitchen table, to bed and then pillows on the floor, when whole weeks had to be devoted to that work!

  4. I can always count on you Victoria, to post such wonderful and beautiful style, baubles, and experiences! As soon as I read about Emma’s book, I ordered it on Amazon. You have such great taste and I also enjoy Emma’s blog so I know it will be a joy to read! Scandinavian design/style has such a calming effect on me. I think it’s the warm light woods, bits of gorgeous color, white, and naturalness of it.

    I also love succulents as I am a former desert girl (Arizona) and I especially liked your mention of East Austin Succulents. I get such great ideas from you- THANK YOU!!

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