i wanna be tall like jenna lyons.
by victoria comment



i’ve long admired jenna lyons. not just envious of her damn long legs, it’s her style, too. quirky, feminine with a tomboy touch. it’s somewhat unexpected and she makes us all want it. well, at least this someone. there’s a great article in fast company this month about how jenna helped turn j.crew around and i found it most inspiring. and her office? it’s pretty inspiring too — from the hand written notes from anna wintour, to the fuzzy peach throw on the back of her leather office chair (oh, and those vintage cherners across her desk) it’s all quite covetable. oh and just for fun, you can also have a look at sam rohn’s wild panorama 360 tour of jenna’s office. yeah, i wanna be tall, just like jenna lyons — but probably the only way that’s gonna happen is if i get a pair of her ‘shiny ponies’.




check out sam rohn’s panorama 360 tour of jenna’s office.






• photos via fast company.

10 responses to “i wanna be tall like jenna lyons.”

  1. I totally agree with you! Jenna Lyons is someone I also admire and her effortless style is just amazing to watch! Great post! Loved the article in Fast Company too!

  2. She’s so RAD…style like none other, with a unique vision, and a LOVE of happy color! I want to hang in that office with her and play dress up with all those shoes!

  3. i love that she started there and worked her way up. from what little i have observed of corporate culture, the often bring in outsiders for the top positions. very inspiring.

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  5. I so agree- Tall and uber talented. I can’t wait to see what she does with her new house- her last one was stunning. I found it really interesting to read in the article how she had various social and physical issues growing up.

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