thoughts for a friday.
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hi guys and happy friday. i’ve not got a regularly featured thoughts for a friday today because the only thought i have right now is how to get rid of my damn allergies. i’ve never had them quite like this before — they’re all in my eyes! which means i am typing right now with one eye shut because it refuses to quit watering. anyway, today pictures are going to have to speak louder than words because i’ve got to get off the computer and rest these allergy-weary eyes of mine. i love instagram, don’t you? today i’m sharing a few favorites.

1. city sage; 2. nicole franzen; 3. field guided; 4. foster hunting; 5. nathan michael; 6. sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Oh yes, Instagram is all kinds of wonderful.

    So sorry about your allergies! Growing up I never had them, but once I was in my 20s and diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, allergies really started to plague me…. It’s awful!

  2. Hi! May I suggest you try the homeopathic remedyn Euphrasia for the watering eyes/allergy ( you can buy it at Wholefoods or a rainbow) you can check my website on how to take the remedy. Euphrasia is a good remedy when the eyes are the main issue! Good luck! A daily reader (& homeopath) of your blog! Thank you! An

  3. Hi! I had the same problem, a bad allergy in my eyes that turn into an infection, so I really hope that you are taking care of it and that you get well soon :)

  4. Yes, a gorgeous and pollinated SF spring this year. Wishing you some ease with the allergies, Victoria! Turning on my bedroom air purifier at night has been helping mine a little bit. Thanks for the Euphrasia tip, An!

  5. Hi, I am suffering with allergies too. Someone told me to eat a spoonful of local honey every morning as it is supposed to help so I am giving it a try. Can’t hurt!

  6. hey there…
    it’s been 9 days since you posted this post and it might be too late, BUT, in case it’s not…i have HORRIBLE ALLERGIES too and my eyes kill me with itching & watering, running, etc…drives me crazy! i found and use Alaway eye drops (made by Bausch & Lomb) sold over the counter (no prescription needed) found anywhere like walmart walgreens, etc..and it works AMAZINGLY WELL for me! thought i’d offer support and best wishes…allergies are THE WORST! so sorry! i’ve suffered for about 15 years or so…Benadryl is the only medicine that helps me (but then i sleep wherever i happen to be!) best of luck to you…

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