here’s looking at you.
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Kara Rosenlund’s kitchen (above and below), via remodelista.

do you ever feel like you’re being watched? maybe you like feeling watched over — if that’s the case then decorating with vintage portrait paintings may be just the niche for you. i love a good portrait and i like them in groupings, but i also like a solo painting just hanging there mocking me, looking a bit wry and quite unexpected. i find them whimsical and interesting and i feel they add a certain sense of humor to the room. i mean, they’re usually just so dead serious looking you can’t help but grin just a little. no room is held sacred — from bearded aristocrats in in the kitchen to suspicious looking schoolmarms in the loo, everyone is watching you.



the brick house.


my scandinavian home; and house and home.


clockwise, l to r: paris hotel boutique; stylist kate jordan; sania pell via decor8; and also stylist kate jordan.




kara rosenlund’s home via the design files; ellen silverman photography; and light locations.


clockwise, l to r: chicago home magazine; the selby; the brick house; and stylist kate jordan.


alec soth, new orleans 2002 via sfmoma.

13 responses to “here’s looking at you.”

  1. My husband & I are both historians and adore portraits of the people we study (from Frederick the Great for him to Bobby Kennedy for me & all the folks in between). I just adore all the different ways to display them! We’re going to be doing a few remodeling projects this summer & will definitely keep this bookmarked for inspiration!

  2. Such a timeless decoration piece. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to let me hang a few portraits but he is worried about them creeping him out…

  3. I love the Charles Spurgeon Kara’s kitchen. Ha- My husband is just like Jade’s in regards to portraits.

  4. My great grandmother was a painter, so our house was always filled with old portrait paintings (some creepy, I’ll admit)! I can definitely appreciate this post, because I’m used to seeing various faces on the wall at any given time. Haha.

  5. i love paintings and gorgeous artwork, but i cant have a portrait hanging in my home. i dont know what it is, but i dont like the feeling of being watched.

  6. So thrilled to read a nod to portrait appreciation! I am a long time painter, recently turned portraitist. I love the idea of decorating with portraits, but like some of your other readers….strangers on my wall creep me out a bit. So I have painted my daughters, and husband, and even myself! It has been so cool to try out different styles and to capture different moments in our lives and look back on them….and of course to use them in my decor. Portraits are no longer just for aristocrats or the extremely wealthy. There are a number of Etsy shops devoted to creating custom portraits from your photos, and I am one of them!

  7. Gahh, I’ve been searching for a good portrait for a while. When I moved into a house with some friends a few years ago there was a creepy painting of a child left in the garage. She looked like a mixture of an old lady and a child. The lady Benjamin Button. We named her Theresa and hung her above the fireplace and she creeped everyone out.

    Also that Alec Soth print is everything.

  8. I definitely wouldn’t hang portraits in homes with little kids. I visited my grandma a lot when I was little and I was always creeped out by a Rembrand’t self portrait with an ironic smirk and one picture that didn’t really show a head but some kind of an crown or aureola in its stead. I never felt comfortable around these places.

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