vintage-inspired in sweden.
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Jonas Ingerstedt is a stockholm-based photographer with an amazing range — from cozy swedish cottages to mid-century modern, and more contemporary homes. as a photographer, he captures all interiors beautifully no matter the style, but today i chose to share an eclectic mix with a few of his more vintage-inspired spaces. to see his whole gorgeous portfolio check out Jonas Ingerstedt photography.














• all photos courtesy of Jonas Ingerstedt photography.

16 responses to “vintage-inspired in sweden.”

  1. oh my goodness, loved so many things on this!!! this is absolutely stunning! i have seen a lot of interior style work, but this is very good! and the photography part is so fresh and beautiful1 thank you for the inspiration!

  2. He has an exceptional talent for photographing interiors. What I love most about this space, is that it looks lived in. You feel very invited into their home. Thank you for sharing some of his lovely work with us. I am always inspired by his photography. :)

  3. Victoria! I just stop by to say thay I love your blog and I found it very inspiring too.
    I’ve been following you for long time on pinterest but to be honest until now I’ve read many of your post and I just love the way you write and the content you share. I’m quite new in the blogging world but is nice to find some inspirational blogs like yours!
    thank you for sharing!

  4. Umm…I’m kind of freaking out right now because of that last photo with the nude painted portrait of a woman.

    She looks just. Like. Me.

    Total mind-f***.

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