you say rug, i say Boucherouite.
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beklina Boucherouite rug.

today, over on julep i’m blogging about a lovely new trend i’ve been seeing everywhere, beautiful Boucherouite rugs made in morocco. Boucherouite means “rag” in Moroccan Arabic and are often simply just called ‘Berber’. no one Boucherouite rug is alike and their colors range from sublimely subdued to courageously bold and colorful. i recently added a few to my living room and love the amount of vibrance they add to a once very black and white palette. you can find them all over — in shops like beldi and love adorned, beklina, and even Etsy shops like Bring Your Own Sunshine. Washable and not out of this world expensive, the Boucherouite is becoming a fast favorite. to see more of these lovely rugs, check out my post on julep.


ideat magazine.


home in copenhagen, via french by design


love adorned.


el ramla hamra.


the apartment (above and below).



carpet of life.

19 responses to “you say rug, i say Boucherouite.”

  1. These are all so gorgeous!!! I want to take a big trip to morocco to stock up on rugs, poufs, and door knockers (my boyfriend went a few years back and brought back so many cool brass knockers!).

    BTW I love the pink one you added to your living room, it looks great!

  2. I have been seeing them all over pinterest lately. They are so beautiful, but you are right, they can be pretty pricey.

  3. The Boucherouite rugs I have been seeing on the web are really amazing to look at. Not only do they have wildly fabulous color combinations, but the texture makes me want to pet them and although I have not seen one in person some look almost sculptural. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These rugs have such attractive colors and designs! I don’t know why, but the first one reminds me of cake… Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I’m obsessed with these rugs, and vintage kilim too. They’re total eye candy and I might have a problem. Can’t stop thinking about them, buying them, blogging about them….help! They’re amazing, especially against a white room backdrop. Oh how I wish I had white walls to work with (I rent so I have to put up with bad wall colors).

  6. loovvee all of these bright happy ,Im feelin at home rugs !thinking of taking on a challenge and trying my hand at one ,any ideas how ?? :))

  7. These rugs make you feel all warm inside, love the colours and have seen a few of them in Morocco in the hotel we stayed at a couple of years ago.

  8. Love these rugs. We are happy to be able to sell some of these directly from the makers on Discovered: Giving you not only a great rug but also creating impact with them. Would love them to be able to make pictures as beautiful as the ones you are showing here. Would you care to write a guest blog on Discovered on Moroccan rugs?

  9. Lovely article, i am an Amazigh my self ( Berbere), and i grow up around my grand mother and aunts waving all the time :) i quite my job and started my a small family tuned business .. please check my collection ( i am offering discounted prices and free shipment WOLDWIDE )

    Love & peace from Morocco

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