a belgian dwelling.
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when i went to antwerp, belgium a few years ago, i couldn’t help but notice the neoclassical influence in the architecture there. i was given a tour of the Cogels-Osylei neighborhood with gorgeous old gothic homes, once sitting in ruin, that had been restored to their original beauty by a community of locals artisans in the city who banded together to save them, and eventually occupy them. so when i saw this NEOCLASSICAL GALLERY HOME IN BELGIUM which also serves as a gallery in dwell’s newsletter this week it brought back all the memories of those Antwerpen homes, and my desire to have a peeked inside them. luckily dwell had access to this beauty so i’m finally getting that voyeristic itch scratched. visit dwell for the full story.





• Photography by Chris Tubbs.

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  1. Technically, this should be titled “A Belgian Dwelling”. Calling it A Belgium Dwelling is like calling a home “A America Dwelling”- doesn’t work.

    I’m Belgian btw :)

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