serenity now.
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home for sale on Stadshem, via emmas design blogg.

i’m just home from a long weekend away which was so wonderful. you know how when you leave town and go on holiday, the prospect of it is just so exciting? sleeping in a new place, with new adventures ahead. and then, after a week or so, maybe even less than that, you have a hankering for something a bit more familiar. usually for me, it’s my bed. i love my bed with it’s soft white linens and all the comfort and contentment it brings. no surprising pillows that simply won’t fluff just how you like them. no foreign bumps in the bed, or in the night. just home, just your very own bed calling you to surrender from your travels near and far. your sanctuary — ahhhh home. serenity now.




Sköna Hem, photographed by Lina Östling.


apartment therapy.


annie mcelwain, via the city sage.


house number 15.


alvhem makleri.


House and Leisure, photographed by Anton Robert; las cositas de beach eau.

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  1. It bugged me so much that I couldn’t remember which tv show or movie that quote is from I actually had to google it :D (Seinfeld it was.) Serenity now!

  2. Love this post. I think the House No. 15 bed is the winner to me. *YAWN* With that said, can I now blame you for the nap that I’m about to take? All those crunchy and comfy beds are just too much for a cloudy-brained Monday in the LAB!

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